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  1. thanks for the answers! Now all that remains is to find a good price ...
  2. It is true that it is difficult to know what will be in future developments, but there are things that are not always basic in computers at these prices and are actually important for the future like fast data transfer you mentioned, like two type c connections, and WIFI 6 that can greatly help. But did not go into smallness. I saw that quite a bit was written here about the quality of the assembly and that the total parts do not indicate the quality of the final computer, so I asked about better alternatives. There is also a significant difference in the warranty years - one year compared to 3 in DELL and thinkpad. I am currently with an 11 year old DELL VOSTRO - after I switched it from HDD to SSD and it survives nicely (except for the battery which is already completely depleted) and it is a bit difficult for it to run heavy software. Thank you!
  3. It is important to me that technologically the computer be as up to date as possible for as many years as possible. What about DELL VOSTRO at the same price level? I also saw a model of Lenovo that is not so common IdeaPad 5-14ALC 82LM008TIV has an AMD processor that seems to get a much higher score is better?
  4. The specification shows 300 nits - is it already better than the rest that come with the 220-250 computer itself is well built? Or is it better to go for the thinkpad series (where I get an i5 processor and only one type c connection)?
  5. Hi, Thinking about buying a laptop LENOVO THINKBOOK 15 G2 ITL 20VE00FPIV Is it good? Has it significant disadvantages for the home user? Is there another computer in this budget (up to 3500) with better data? Requirements: 14-15.6 screen with good brightness even in the sun, at least 512 memory, RAM 16. A computer that can run software, movies without any problem.
  6. Hi, I would love to recommend - looking for a laptop with a 14 "screen, for a variety of uses - everyday and also some software (like Android on the computer). The computer should be light and as powerful as possible in the budget. (16GB RAM, at least 256 SSD) H. Thanks
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