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  1. Open budget. Prefers value-for-money. Not looking for a screen for graphic artists. Let there be a screen that allows good viewing.
  2. Hi, looking for a recommendation for a 15-inch laptop that will be used primarily for watching series and movies indoors. Less critical battery weight and time. So the emphasis is on a quality screen. Secondary use is office work, emails and schoolwork (XNUMXth grade). The laptop is not intended for gaming. The purchase is being prepared in Eilat in the next two to three weeks. Thanks
  3. Hello, hope I'm on the right forum. In short: How do Braspberry enable 4 Wi-Fi connectivity while an Ethernet port is connected to an IP camera? Is it possible in parallel? And in detail: I am working on a project related to image processing on Raspberry 4 (Run Raspbian). Largely, a camera feed (opencv library in Python) undergoes local initial processing on the Raspberry (Python code) and the data obtained from each frame is sent to the cloud server for further pipeline. So far we have worked with various webcams and the PiCamera module, and the cloud communication through both wired and wireless communication (to router) has worked flawlessly. Recently, a business requirement has emerged to allow the connection of IP cameras through an Ethernet cable with wireless communication to the router. For that matter, I set up a static ip address for Raspberry so that the camera and PI share the same network ( / 24 and / 24 for that matter) and the communication protocol between the camera and PI is rtsp (via opencv). With this static_ip configuration configured, and a connected web / picamera (disconnected IP camera) everything works as expected - video streaming arrives in Raspberry, which in turn does what it does and the data arrives via the Wifi (for that matter, browsing is also possible). When I connect the IP camera, however, sending to the cloud over the Wi-Fi fails. The IP camera video reaches PI and goes through the local processing, but no router communication. Looks like the data is trying to be sent through the ethernet port. /etc/dhcpcd.conf interface eth0 static ip_address = / 24 static routers = static domain_name_servers = When I set WiFi preference (wlan0 metric 200) over the wired (eth0 metricNXX or 300 metric 0 metric XNUMX or . Is it even possible to have WiFi communication in Raspberry while an IP camera is connected to an ethernet port? Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks Finny
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