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  1. What does it matter will send again for repair what you are ashamed of you need a working product
  2. There are 2 DNS servers. and DNS servers with filtering
  3. It does not move to Reisen you need to do a test in AIDA64 FPU test.
  4. This processor will hold the performance crown for at least 2022. Well done to AMD for really creating a behemoth
  5. If you want a full size motherboard there is the Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE in TMS it costs 688 NIS in tangle for some reason the price is 786 NIS
  6. From what I remember the rumor says about a half year delay on their 7nm. I 10nm tied?
  7. His October 20 video. Only today the processors were released. Take a look at Linus' video.
  8. It has ventilation. Here's his review: In the 13th minute he uses the 4K resolution. But a full-size computer is better because of the possibility of replacing parts better in the event of a malfunction and the possibility of upgrading, for example, memory and adding a dedicated video card in the future: Product category Quantity Price processor Intel Core i5 10400/1200 Tray 1 ₪ 752 Cooling for Arctic Alpine 12 CO 1 ₪ 48 motherboards Gigabyte B460M DS3H 1 ₪
  9. What screen do you have and what is its resolution?
  10. I was very impressed with the quality of the article. A wonderfully professional article!
  11. Well, is there an improvement for which you bought the processor?
  12. By the way, AMD is smart. The 5600X is mated with cooling. I mean they might have done it on purpose that if her fans had resented the price, they would have made a TRAY version without cooling for less money ... say $ 20 less
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