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  1. By the way, did you clean the casing dust nets?
  2. Let them try to fix it. Probably a problem with the thermal ointment
  3. This is a QHD resolution. If the use is for programming only, you can settle for FHD at half the price.
  4. With the delay - after a power outage and its return, the shield waits a few minutes and only then returns the power to the device. It is good for appliances like refrigerator and air conditioner. In the old refrigerators it was necessary to start the engine with a high current in its operation. And what happened was that there were multiple breaks that there were re-starts when the components were hot and capacitors exploded. There are devices that you should put a shield with a delay even today like a heater with a Saturday mode, do not know if you know the device but what happens is that the device in its operation boils the water every time.
  5. You may have cracks in the motherboard or a problem with the memory component of the video card. I do not know if you have the option in BIOS to run only the video card built into the processor in the designated place of Nabidia. Or go into overclock software and lower the memory frequency of the video card. Another thing that can be checked is to go into the settings of the video card and activate the power profile. Which can reduce the frequency.
  6. Which one is rich? One who is happy with what he has. Thank God this processor will serve you faithfully to study Torah.
  7. I mean you researched and checked that it is not from a high temperature but from an actual movement of moving the computer? How often does this happen?
  8. Need to see what the settings of the cloud are. That is, after a local deletion of a particular file, how long the cloud retains the backup of the deleted file. It is less likely that the virus knew how to log into the cloud account and start deleting the files from there.
  9. You can buy a computer. But buying a video card will be a problem for you. What are the purposes of the computer?
  10. And what about temperatures? Refreshing the thermal ointment can also help
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