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  1. Quote of Moon-Mage

    זה קורה הרבה פחות, אם בכלל, בVA יקרים

    לקוח מתוך ביקורת של מסך VA הכי טוב כרגע בשוק לגיימינג (לפי RTINGS):

    a quote

    The Odyssey G7 has an outstanding response time at its max refresh rate of 240Hz. Motion looks exceptionally smooth, and there's almost no blur. However, it has a slow response time in dark scenes, as seen in the 0-20% total response time, which causes some artifacts, known as black smearing, typical of VA panels


  2. Quote of Moon-Mage

    עם black smearing דומה למה שיש בחלק מהIPSים

    B- Is there black smearing? It's in VA

    Quote of Moon-Mage

    It's a matter of preference and not one better than the other.

    black smearing is very, very disgusting and annoying.

    Quote of Moon-Mage

    Beyond that IPS has a pretty shocking phenomenon called IPS Glow שהורסת צפייה בסצנות כהות

    The only advantage in VA is the contrast, but beyond cardboard games like Fortnite I do not see it as a benefit.

    I recently purchased the LG B-27GP83B screen and I do not see it as a disadvantage at all.

  3. I know there is the V2 X which is the least advanced model, comes with a non-detachable microphone and other cover.

    The cover in V2 is a type of fabric. I guess there are those who will not like. But it needs to be more durable.

    Do not know about the PRO.

    There are a lot of reviews on YouTube that can be seen.

    The main advantage of headphones that are really light I switched from alpha that were heavy but sat well on the head but the upholstery cover started to peel off.

  4. Your problem is that they are not sure of the source of the fault.

    Even memories with wear and tear can suddenly not work at their maximum frequency.

    Or is it something in the settings of the BIOS ...

    Maybe play with the manual settings of memory

    Run XMP but run the frequency to a lower frequency so that the timings stay on XMP.


    And maybe you'll pop into a computer store and ask them to do a test on the kit to rule out a memory problem.

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