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  1. It's fine. Most importantly you take a video card from the new series and profit from it
  2. While 30 NIS has the WD Blue 1T SN550, with improved random performance. Just over 400k. Compared to SWORDFISH only 180k.
  3. Do not invest too much it is a Trenta computer
  4. DVI is a digital port. Analog VGA. Less recommended
  5. An anxiety attack is like the body attacking itself. Do some sports, such as running. can help. Make sure you eat at a tidy time and monitor fluid intake.
  6. Are there numbers to gauge the improvement? And also comparing AMD versus Nabidia?
  7. I realised. This company ARKTEK is not recognized. Buy a ticket from the following companies: MSI Asus Gigabyte
  8. Do not see a reason he will not work. What are your expectations from the GT1030 card? If it's for games, this card is not for games
  9. I realised. Okay so in order to know how to do this condition one has to know the ASCII table. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ASCII http://www.asciitable.com/ As you can see from the table uppercase letters A to Z are arranged one after the other and the lowercase letters as well so to check if we got a letter, do so: int main () {char val; cin >> val; if (val> = 'A' && val <= 'Z' || val> = 'a' && val <= 'z') cout << "yes we got a letter and not a number"; else cout << "we did not get a letter!"; }
  10. I fixed the code. It's OK? // ------ include section ------- #include #include // ------ std section ------- using std :: cin; using std :: cout; using std :: endl; // ------ const section const int N = 6; // The size you want to set // --- prtotypes section ---- void read_data (int arr []); bool divide_left (int arr [], int cell); bool divide_right (int arr [], int cell); int search_for_the_magic_cell (int arr []); ///// ----- Main ------- int main () {int arr [N]; // = {180, 120, 60, 30, 20, 15}; read_data (arr); int result = search_for_the_magic_cell (arr); if (result! = -1) cout << "we got a match !! cell number is" << result << "and its value is" << arr [result]; else cout << "no I did not find anything"; return EXIT_SUCCESS; } void read_data (int arr []) {for (int i = 0; i <N; i ++) cin >> arr [i]; } bool divide_left (int arr [], int cell) {for (int i = cell - 1; i> = 0; i--) if (arr [i]% arr [cell]! = 0) return false; return true; } bool divide_right (int arr [], int cell) {for (int i = cell + 1; i <N; i ++) if (arr [cell]% arr [i]! = 0) return false; return true; } int search_for_the_magic_cell (int arr []) {// so I we a loop to check if each element in the array is the magic cell for (int i = 0; i <N; i ++) {bool l = divide_left (arr, i); bool r = divide_right (arr, i); if (l && r) return i; } return -1; } 180 120 60 30 20 15 we got a match !! cell number is 2 and its value is 60
  11. A character can be either a number or a letter or a special character such as a dollar, an asterisk, etc. I did not understand your sentence
  12. I could not understand the exercise. Do you have an array of 100-character char? Like this: char szInput [100]; No ? Recruiting means that the function can call itself. So suppose the function calls itself up to a certain condition, for example an exit or enter character or something similar. If so the array needs to be global to maintain its values ​​and probably needs another variable that will hold the length. But you say something else that does not work, the function gets the characters ...? I came out a little confused
  13. And do you use such a quantity? You can order from Amazon on sale https://www.amazon.com/TEAMGROUP-T-Force-Vulcan-3200MHz-Desktop/dp/B07SNB3V77/
  14. Recommend Xiaomi Mi Box S It does not have a Bluetooth 5 but it is worth a familiar brand streamer.
  15. This would be a great upgrade! Always have Amazon by your side.
  16. So if you know that your home has unstable electricity, you can buy a lightning protector with a delay. The model has a 10-second lag time for the computer.
  17. There will be no problem if there is a fall. If there is a storm and the electricity drops frequently it is best to unplug it
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