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  1. Most important is the supplier. Have you forgotten the days that made us a reduction in traffic, e-mail and torrents, etc.?
  2. It does not seem a disadvantage that you will see it in the near future.
  3. Nice article. I don't think your sting is related to video cards. They have an over-demand and that is another matter. There is fierce competition between the US and China over chips that can be used in artificial intelligence as well as fighter jets of the future.
  4. It can happen that someone near you is watching the streaming. Every time the streamer loads the buffer there is a jump.
  5. Let Windows fix it for you. There needs to be some command in CMD to fix this. search in Google
  6. Stop calling it a box. It's a charge. The cable that comes out of the charger and connects to the electrical outlet in the house is called a kettle cable. Yes you can replace the American kettle cable with an Israeli one. His plug is American. Look for an Israeli plug. It works so that it is hidden at the end of the Type C chip synchronization, also note that it is longer to hold the chip. It communicates with the charger to output a voltage of 20V. I don't think you should mess with it unless you really have to.
  7. Should not. You lose the Android system. By the way, note that you jumped to 50 inches
  8. You have Shiomi: https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1058074
  9. Expensive. I would not trust any Indian representative. There are with them full of scams you will watch on youtube the videos have a coup d'etat with the scams there. You can enter the code yourself, you just need to first update the operating system via Windows Update and then the code will work without any problem.
  10. So why do you need 32GB of memory? It's a personal computer, yes? You did not serve. Okay on the SSD and chassis. Higher quality fan. Less noisy at low RPM. But this price is expensive and if you buy 10600KF the single fan version is enough. You can save even more with the Hyper 212 Spectrum. Higher quality than HCG. But I do not think it pays off. Both with 10 years warranty.
  11. Choose a 3.5-inch hard disk not a 2.5 Seagate HDD 2.0TB 256MB SATA3 Barracuda legitimate take 10700KF for more parallel processing power. Did you mention PLEX, will also work while playing? The model with the 2 fans: https://www.tms.co.il/RR212S20PCR1 Check with the store that it does come with 2 Chinese sites. If you want to save: ANTEC PSU 750W High Current Gamer Gold
  12. A short video shows how Dyson invests in research and innovation. Watch:
  13. In panels of 4 there is a split of each channel into 2.
  14. Sorry but I'm not so follow up. Which is because you can take with you a conclusion for the rest of your life: exploiting people without knowledge. Advice from me? Take a technician to inspect your computer for a nominal fee. The parts themselves are high quality. There is no reason for any problem.
  15. Speed ​​2133MHZ operates at a deflective 1.2V voltage and is not considered a speed. There are memories that even reach 2666 MHz at this voltage but with high timings. There is a chip on the memory called SPD with all the configurations, data including timing voltage and speed. XMP activates the memory in 1.35V voltage configurations.
  16. Please take note of the connections between the fans and the motherboard
  17. IPS is better for you because you are already used to the technology. IPS screen is not concave so you have nothing to worry about. https://www.rtings.com/monitor/reviews/msi/optix-mag274qrf-qd
  18. You should switch the power supply to a higher quality model. By my little test, the power supply made me black screens on the RX 5700 XT video card. Sometimes the Israeli electricity grid has momentary micro-interruptions that can have an effect. It is possible to connect 2 separate PCI-E cables from the power supply to reduce the phenomenon but it does not completely solve it. ANTEC HCG650 would be a better choice
  19. I also had a very bizarre case with a modem + router integrated TP-LINK VR600. After resetting the device to factory settings, there was no DSL connection. Can't remember what I was doing there but nothing I did was able to reconnect. After the technician "arrived at the scene", he called me on his cell phone and said that the card was burned and that I would check. I checked, I saw that it was fine. That is, somehow my preoccupation with the device caused the card on Bezeq's board to burn. Know, sounds unreliable but that's seemingly what happened.
  20. By the way, did you notice this slide? How did I get 24MB of direct cache? It seems to me that they put the 2 neighboring caches (8MB X 3) close to the core.
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