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  1. Lisa-Sue smiles word of mouth. The underdog becomes the topdog!
  2. Need to change the processor to a model without the F. The F says it comes without a built-in video card in the processor. Product Categories Quantity Price Processor Intel Core i5 10400/1200 Tray 1 ₪ 746 Cooling for Processors Arctic Alpine 12 CO 1 ₪ 53 Motherboards Gigabyte B460M DS3H 1 ₪ 374 Apacer DDR 4 16GB (8Gx2) memories 3200 Panther Golden w / Heatsink 1 ₪ 382 cases ANTEC Gaming Case NX210 1 ₪ 211 Suppliers for stationary computers CoolerMaster MWE 650W 230V-V2 80+ Bronze 1 ₪ 253 Disks SSD Addlink SSD 512GB S68 M.2 2280 NVMe 1 ₪ 268 Assembling a computer Assembling a computer (free! When ordering a new computer) 1 ₪ 1 Total ₪ 2288 https://www.tms.co.il/225942 Specification without a dedicated video card. Power supply of 650W in order for you to have room to maneuver in the handheld video card market 2. The price of the GTX 1650 SUPER on startpc is reasonable Absolutely. Only NIS 100 more than before the price of video cards. You need to check with them, maybe they condition the purchase on the purchase of an entire computer, and then you should not miss it.
  3. How many times did you charge the battery? I guess if there are not enough charge cycles it is impossible to know the state of the battery. Therefore completely drain the battery to 0% and immediately charge to 100%. After that check the software again. If it does not help, send them for testing.
  4. Okay there is a way to check the battery status. For example in the AIDA64 software you can see real capacity. I would try to check if the manufacturer has similar software that checks.
  5. If the battery is completely discharged, it means that the computer has not really turned off! There may be a problem with the drivers.
  6. Are you currently connected to landlines? That it drops every 10 seconds, does the connection to the router interface also fall? If so maybe it's his power supply. Or the router itself.
  7. If you want video then Raspberry Pi is better. Raspberry has ready-made camera modules. The question is why do you call the sensor passive? For the purpose of saving electricity? Will the project be connected to a charger or batteries? And the bell will be linearly connected to the receiver or are you planning to make a wireless receiver?
  8. Look at the modem Usually write down the address for the interface on it. It should be listed like this: or another address. Then it will ask you for a username and password
  9. Need to go into the interface of the modem to see the errors in the connection. If they rise all the time, a sign that there is a problem with the cabling and the cables need to be replaced.
  10. Indeed, right. So the competition here is more FLUKE 15B + against UNI-T UT15B PRO.
  11. Yes there was already a post about it and discussions with NEC.
  12. I was thinking of renewing with a new multimeter, the ANENG I have is starting to fall apart. These are the relevant contenders in my opinion: FLUKE 15B + costing $ 72.46 now on AliExpress Fluke quality, more expensive, cables not something. UNI-T UT15B PRO is quite similar in its defenses to Fluke. Probes with gold plating. Cost $ 54 on AliExpress. UNI-T UT61E + multimeter with a resolution of 22,000. It has some reviews on YouTube. Looks pretty high-end ... https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005001632283855.html also comes with good probes. According to an EEVBLOG review, the protections are less good. What do you think? Which one is worth it?
  13. If I remember correctly MSI B450 TOMHAWK something like that. Talk to them
  14. You need the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard
  15. Did you remove the Disk On key?
  16. You have previously installed an operating system on it so it collides should disable the Active flag in its partition right-click on "My Computer" -> Management -> Disk Management. Take a picture
  17. Okay try. Through Rufus you will download Win10_20H2_v2_Hebrew_x64.iso
  18. I suspect you have installed Windows on 2 drives, so more than one record will appear. Please take a picture.
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