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  1. Why do you think you have the problem? They may be using other live servers and saved videos. Regarding the pings abroad. There is nothing to do, Bezeq International is the best in routing to Germany. And Hot is good in routing to London if I remember correctly.
  2. And what does the GPU-Z report? It is better to cancel. They determined that PCIE4 was not ready for noise on the PCB paths.
  3. Suppose he has something against you. What's the point of slamming the door? Is your door "shaking" and not stable enough so the blow it gives sounds loud? Put a more normal door and it will stop. Or you want to take an adventure and build a sensor that detects a loud knock and back activates a high-intensity chopper that will startle it.
  4. Category Product Part Number Total Quantity C11400T Intel Core i5 11400/1200 Tray ₪ 899 1 899 ₪ Cooling for ACALP00031A Arctic Alpine 12 CO ₪ 53 1 53 Motherboards GB560MDS3H Gigabyte B560M DS3H ₪ 488 1 488 ₪ Memories AH4U16G30C08 7 DDR 2 4GB (16Gx8) 2 Panther Golden Apacer ₪ 3000 382 1 ₪ Cases P382 ANTEC Case P5 ₪ 5 226 1 ₪ Suppliers for desktops 226-0-761345-11677 ANTEC PSU 0W Neo ECO GOLD ZEN NE500G ₪ 500 ​​277 1 ₪ Disks SSD MZ-V277V8BW Samsung SSD 500GB 500 NVMe M.980 ₪ 2 360 1 ₪ Computer assembly SILVERASSEMBLY Money assembly (free! When ordering a new computer) ₪ 360 1 1 ₪ Total ₪ 1 https://www.tms.co.il / 2686 I could not assemble a specification in KSP. Intel 232680-core processor. 6GB memory. Expandable in the future. Motherboard with 16 different types of screen ports. Up to 4 monitors can be connected. But the 3 most important are HDMI and DisplayPort. Case with Dust filters. Noise-blocking walls DC-DC power supply GOLD efficiency. Samsung SSD. In connection with Windows and Office, talk to your system man.
  5. If you see this as a substitute for degree learning, do not do thirteen. Enlist straight. And if you intend to acquire knowledge and postpone the army for two years, then it is already better to practice software.
  6. Check that there is enough space for parts in the case.
  7. Jabberwock


    Nothing and nothing. A software limitation that the company has made
  8. Jabberwock


    Apparently they want you to use their streamers
  9. According to the report you have a serious problem of damaged sectors. Really warranty and next do not buy such a cheap drive. You should have lit a red light
  10. What is its capacity and how much free space is left? It could have been destroyed. Exercise responsibility. They are usually grounded because there is not enough RAM and the operating system uses storage as memory.
  11. 2 options are sold there. One Office365 to avoid, is an online account with an email address and password. And the second option is a regular serial - you need it. This is called Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 Retail
  12. What provider are you currently on?
  13. Most important is the supplier. Have you forgotten the days that made us a reduction in traffic, e-mail and torrents, etc.?
  14. It does not seem a disadvantage that you will see it in the near future.
  15. Nice article. I don't think your sting is related to video cards. They have an over-demand and that is another matter. There is fierce competition between the US and China over chips that can be used in artificial intelligence as well as fighter jets of the future.
  16. It can happen that someone near you is watching the streaming. Every time the streamer loads the buffer there is a jump.
  17. Let Windows fix it for you. There needs to be some command in CMD to fix this. search in Google
  18. Stop calling it a box. It's a charge. The cable that comes out of the charger and connects to the electrical outlet in the house is called a kettle cable. Yes you can replace the American kettle cable with an Israeli one. His plug is American. Look for an Israeli plug. It works so that it is hidden at the end of the Type C chip synchronization, also note that it is longer to hold the chip. It communicates with the charger to output a voltage of 20V. I don't think you should mess with it unless you really have to.
  19. Should not. You lose the Android system. By the way, note that you jumped to 50 inches
  20. You have Shiomi: https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1058074
  21. Expensive. I would not trust any Indian representative. There are with them full of scams you will watch on youtube the videos have a coup d'etat with the scams there. You can enter the code yourself, you just need to first update the operating system via Windows Update and then the code will work without any problem.
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