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  1. Maybe through msconfig you will be able to get rid of it?
  2. I did not understand what the problem is?
  3. Try selecting Windows Boot Manager:
  4. I have not installed Windows 10 for a long time but Rufus can install on UEFI and this is the default option when GPT is selected. If you want to install on Legacy you need to select MBR
  5. Let's see what happens with the i5 10600K replacement
  6. So in short what did you agree with him on the phone? Realized the problem with the lighting?
  7. It's diplomatic. Always must enable XMP or DOCP in BIOS.
  8. Where did all the references disappear from the cables ??
  9. Positive. I showed him what it's supposed to look like
  10. Through some software you can see their speed. For example AIDA64. Here is my at rest:
  11. But now there's a good chance the new AMD card will be less than that. There is their promise to sell to store owners. So you should keep your hand on the pulse and reserve an appointment (yes yes, there are appointments that are registered in stores in the country)
  12. Now with the new hardware opener the discussion will finally succeed in buying the RTX 3080.
  13. In my experience with an old DDR3 computer it would happen occasionally and I would have to take out and insert the memories, in the BIOS it would recognize but in Windows it would say X USABLE. I do not know why this would have happened. But from time to time there were indeed bad memories ...
  14. What to upgrade? Exercise responsibility!
  15. Is this a power supply model? https://www.fsplifestyle.com/en/product/HyperS600w.html Although it is not the highest quality available and more like a 550W supplier but it will probably provide the work. I took a quick look at Hand2 and the prices there are outrageous. Just to explain the ear GTX 1650 SUPER was sold new for 840 NIS in stores in the country. And now I see an ad model without SUPER wants 1,500 NIS on it. But you also have to take into account that people also understand that they will argue with them about the price and lower them then ... but still a problem. Table to help you: I was aiming for cards with at least 6GB of memory.
  16. Not connected. Apparently one went bad. Check the one you think is faulty, move it to a working slot and give it a try
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