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  1. Turn off the computer and remove and insert the card a few times there may be corrosion or dust where it will scratch the connections
  2. I did not understand why you blur the picture so you do not sit after 4 firewalls and hide in a cave yes?
  3. If so the situation is indeed a 100% utilization in parallel processing. That means you need more cores. I would think in the direction of the Raisen 5950X which is actually 16 cores and 32 threads, this is a doubling of 2 in parallel processing power.
  4. If you ask me then yes. Upgrading the CPU to i5-10600Kf would be a great improvement. Memories you do not need and now also a power supply no, and you can even sell the old motherboard and processor in hand 2 ... in terms of cost-benefit it is excellent. The concern right now is that the Hand 2 market is "riding the wave", the so-called. Raise prices to take advantage of an opportunity and less want to sell. In what games do you play DA?
  5. You already have memories, you can transfer them. Below is a CPU, motherboard cooling and power supply (DC-DC). Product Categories Quantity Price Processor Intel Core i5 10600KF / 1200 Tray 1 ₪ 822 Cooling for Processors CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Spectrum Cooler 1 ₪ 113 Motherboards Gigabyte B460M DS3H 1 ₪ 374 Suppliers for Desktop Computers CoolerMaster MWE 650W 230V-V2 80+ Bronze 1 ₪ 253 Total About 1562 https://www.tms.co.il/222012 Your problem as stated here is the video card.Currently there is a worldwide serious problem in their supply and prices as a result.
  6. Pretty! Thanks to you we got smart.
  7. And this price is reasonable for you?
  8. Quite different in their sons. The Raisen with 8 cores, 40% faster in parallel processing. Intel on the other hand has a turbo that gives powerful single-core processing power. For light office uses Intel will have an advantage such as browsing and office applications and for heavy uses the Reisen will win. Older games such as CS: GO will run faster on Intel (DirectX 9). Heavy modern games will probably prefer the Raisen (DirectX 12). In terms of efficiency Intel consumes more power compared to the Raisen. The right choice in your case is to choose Intel.
  9. These are the apparent permissions. I do not know if network access is also intended for making a phone call. But what is certain is that the app does get your location according to the GPS.
  10. He has 2 BIOS chips he probably switched to the second chip where the BIOS is out of date. There is a way to get through their sons. I do not so much remember. Turn off the power Press the power button for 5 seconds, keep pressing and plug in the power.
  11. How long are you waiting for it to light up? Could it be that he's in memory training mode and maybe you have another chip BIOS on the board? They can be replaced by their sons. For example, in gigabytes, I know that you can also update the BIOS to the second chip of your choice. Usually some improper wrists cause them to be replaced
  12. This is Pike News. But what did we manage to find out that indeed the TSMC plant is at full capacity ... what could cause AMD's next generation chain reaction to be followed due to unprofitability?
  13. I would try to send them a ticket to MSI to see what they have to say about it.
  14. And I doubt it's the maximum speed of memories. Log in and run XMP. You can download CPU-Z and watch the SPD tab to know which memories are installed.
  15. Clicks can also be caused by improper power supply. For example, connecting a power-hungry drive to a USB port with an adapter will cause the drive to make clicks.
  16. There is no priority. They used to take 7200RPM for an operating system. It's no longer relevant
  17. It seems that what you are describing is also related to the keyboard problem. You have drops and when that happens he also notices that the keyboard is stuck. It is to examine the nature of the problem. This could be a software problem. But I would not give up checking the temperatures of the computer components. Update video card drivers and even do a stress test and if the problem also occurs then it should be addressed. It could also be malware installed on your computer.
  18. According to my test, in the original the result is better as if the printer has moved twice on the page. But I use matches because I mostly print text so it's almost imperceptible. Occasionally the store sends a compatible toner with a faulty chip so I keep the ones that work and replace them.
  19. Stop messing with OC. Buy a computer, enjoy it. Run XMP and maybe even UNDERVOLT to video card and come on. send and forget.
  20. It's just a headache to tighten sub-timings and it's very difficult to know stability. It will not give you a real improvement. I sometimes had black screens from time to time, I thought it was from the video card and finally found out that somehow the video card drivers are sensitive to sub-timings ... so I do not suggest you play with it. What's not for nothing you bought memories with excellent timings. It's better to settle for that. Hmmm, maybe you lose the single core boost because of the manual OC. I would cancel this overclock and leave only PBO.
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