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  1. Full formatting causes writing on the entire drive in blank data. That is, the phenomenon occurs when the disk tries to write to a specific location ... Download the manufacturer's tester from western digital
  2. Wired connected? Log in to the PC for LAN settings and check the connection speed at which you are syncing.
  3. GT1030 is not a gaming card
  4. If you get it for free then yes. I would not pay for it
  5. Measure the size of your palm according to the following video:
  6. This is the problem with the set. The mice are too small.
  7. But why should the cache be bandwidth related? The cache has techniques like prefetch which is a unit that works on its own to fill the cache. The purpose of the cache is to make sure that the processing units are not inferior in I / O operations.
  8. Check temperature for how much it is reaching. Check a good power cable connection from a power supply to a video card
  9. Then you will increase to 150%.
  10. Sign up here: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/B460M-AORUS-PRO-rev-10/sp#sp DVI is limited to FHD. And HDMI and DP up to 4K. That means 2 Lenovo L24Q-30 monitors will work in parallel because it has DP and HDMI.
  11. It's you claiming there is radiation so the burden of proof is on you
  12. Serial only regulation not office 365
  13. Do not take anything you are not used to.
  14. Less good for movies. You will have more black margins up and down
  15. No. But maybe they "tried" to explain to you that the graphics processor in the processor is not powerful.
  16. What you describe is called a bundle. Type of operation. I mean NIS 200? I do not know where you bought it from.
  17. I do not have it. The link I gave shows 3 reviews on Zap. The main difference is that the resolution is higher QHD and wider color support. Worth the extra price. I understood. If you like Samsung then this: Samsung S24R350FHM Note in one review it indicates that it cost 540 NIS from electrical warehouses. The price in Ivory is currently 615 NIS
  18. Substitute for: Lenovo L24Q-30 has it in both KSP and Ivory.
  19. Processor: 493 NIS - Quad Core i3 10100 3.6Ghz Comet Lake S1200 Tray Air cooling for the processor: 49 NIS - Arctic Alpine 11 Rev.2 Motherboard: 384 NIS - * Sale * - Gigabyte B460M DS3H Memory: 263 NIS - * Sale * - 16GB (2x8G) Crucial BALLISTIX DDR4 2666Mhz CL16 BLACK Hard Disk: 305 ₪ - * Sale * - WD Blue 500G SN550 NVMe R / W Up To 2400 / 1750MB / s 5 Year Warranty Power Supply: 254 ₪ - Corsair 550W 80+ Bronze CV550 3 Years Warranty Package: 209 NIS - ANTEC P5 SILENT Micro-ATX Final price: For cash / bank transfer: 1957 NIS for credit: up to 12 payments 1996 NIS or up to 36 payments 2035 NIS Here are some improvements. Arctic CPU cooling replaces the noisy Intel stock. Motherboard with 4 memory slots for future upgrades. A more advanced chipset. 16GB memory. Fast half-meter SSM NVME storage. Bronze power supply, higher efficiency for power saving. Quiet case with noise-blocking sides, removable dust filter for cleaning
  20. How much does it bother you? It's a kind of artifact. As screens with VA panel have a smear of black.
  21. of course not. You also have the option to reset to factory settings.
  22. In the picture yes. Therefore it can be deduced from this that it is due to the pixel rhythm of the screen. Try entering settings in the on-screen menu and playing profiles
  23. What is the full model of the screen? Does this only happen when scrolling? The video does not show the phenomenon
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