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  1. I connected the new power supply, 750 watts by Colermaster, meanwhile working smooth. The power supply in the computer was 380 watts from a Chinese company, no wonder he did not hold the card. I know for sure I bought the computer I ordered a supply of at least 500 watts from a reputable company, but I also know that it had a video card that disappeared during the years it lay unused, so I do not blame the store, but I do take from this story to check every product I get Twice to see that I actually got what I ordered.
  2. I found the Gigabyte PSU 700W PFC Bronze 80+ Modular B700H there in the 287 which is a price tag that speaks more to me. What do you say?
  3. If it allows me to buy what I need without budget constraints, I'll wait. Just search on Amazon / eBay starting November 29th? Unfortunately do not know anyone who can help. In my environment, they either switched to smartphones instead of the computer, or used mobile phones ...
  4. Wow, a miracle I noticed it's not the same product. I'm really not closed that I want to invest 400 NIS without being sure this is the problem. Is there anything better up to 250 NIS? Maybe take advantage of Black Friday promotions?
  5. I came to order and although it is the supplier published in Zap AFAAG which is Tire B or A- according to the list you gave, the stores give an inferior supplier - ACABW which is Tire C. Should he also go in peace or keep looking? Edit: Sorry he is not a T-tire, he does not have a tire on the list but it is still a different product, what I wrote is gold, and what is actually sold is white, the first has modularity, what is sold has no modularity. The input of the first is full and of what is sold is limited to 230. I have no idea what these things say but it's not the same product so I ask again.
  6. I opened and registered nothing. The dimensions are 14 by 14 by 8.6 Height if that means anything?
  7. Is there a way to test it other than disassemble it?
  8. If I were you I would open a discussion in the motherboard forum and list the system components, if they offer you a motherboard that can fit all the rest of your components + can fit newer processors for you on a new motherboard and use the built-in card. Replacing a motherboard does not really require replacing the other parts.
  9. It does not seem to me that he is branding, I chose all his parts.
  10. Wow I did not even think of that direction. So if he needs to buy a ticket anyway, maybe it's better for him to upgrade the motherboard instead? Do not know, just throws ideas.
  11. Cool! What do I need to check to see if it fits me in the case?
  12. I really do not mean a serious upgrade as you describe, I'm going to stay with the 1650S for at least 5 years, if I upgrade it will be to add an SSD drive, and maybe a motherboard so I can bring a processor that does not create in 2012. Since I probably need to upgrade a supplier because it could very well be that my problem with the 1650S is the power supply, and if I find a quality power supply for NIS 200-300 that can fit, I might just buy on a power supply blind to try to save the lab test. I know it's a gamble, but max I upgraded a power supply to something newer so it's a gamble I'm willing to take. (Again if it is a price of a few hundred shekels). What doubt do you think I need? EDIT: I glanced at the link and got entangled in the levels ... XD
  13. The I3 2100 has a built-in CPU, look at the back of your computer to see if there is such a connection:
  14. The card is built into the processor, not the motherboard. I have an i3 from your series but a little better and it comes with Intel HD 2000 graphics, I am currently using it for office use (browsing and documents) and it is really cool, giving me a resolution of 1080X1920. Even with Photoshop 2019 I work with this card, I will not say that Photoshop works at maximum speed but it is certainly not worth investing a few hundred shekels if there is no intention to play. I do not understand the fault you have, try to remove the old video card and connect your monitor to the connection of the built-in processor, you get a view?
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