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  1. I saw that not only you managed to change the IP for this router -> How about changing the entire network to
  2. Link to all Bezeq firmware -> There are several firmware - note your G1 or G2 or V1 router version
  3. For this purpose you must convert the "disk" from MBR to GPT -> Instructions for running a conversion tool built into the MBR2GPT operating system -> -mbr-disk-gpt-move-bios-uefi-windows-10 After conversion change bios to UEFI.
  4. Check if the motherboard is updated to the latest BIOS version F6 and if not updated.
  5. Reinstall the software, but this time run the installer as "Administrator" - right-click on the file and select "... as Administrator" in the menu.
  6. @ danielhr99 Buy any wireless network adapter with a USB connection as a built-in replacement.
  7. I therefore proposed replacing a heat sink suitable for the processor. @ 114508534 Have you set the GTX 1660 TI video card to be used as the default card for regular work? Watch ->
  8. @ 114508534 does not see a problem with the data. By the way - what is the computer used for?
  9. @Moon-Mage "135W. Very cute that you record 135W that we saw his processor take over 250W." TelWh - 125W According to Intel data -> to-5-30-ghz.html @ 114508534 Upload data with other software Quick CPU ->
  10. Did you enable XMP in the BIOS? See the manual Page 6 - XMP - Change to Enable does not recommend "playing" with voltages (undervolting) The heat sink you bought is not so suitable for the processor model you purchased - in the CPU data (TPD (Thermal Design Power may reach a maximum consumption of 135W) Coolant I would recommend for purchase - Dark Rock Slim BK024 ->
  11. Did you experience any more blue screens after the update?
  12. According to the data you provided - The board with the latest BIOS (0407) - Updated to the latest version Version 1017 -> The memories That you have a kingston model khx3000c16d4 / 32gx does not appear in the list of memories tested by the board manufacturer -> it would be better to put In the slots recommended according to the user manual 2 and 4 and not as I saw in the CPU-Z the memory in SLOT # 3. In the directory page 1-5 ->
  13. If you must, this is what I found in the retrieval -> Local shopping ->
  14. Watch and help the video -> Good luck
  15. Reset the browser -> Using malwarebytes software ->
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