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  1. Once upon a time - a computer that is not in your possession and did not work before it was delivered !? Answer: Impossible.
  2. HelpSupport


    I do not mind - I have no idea.
  3. Perform a BIOS reset. CLR_CMOS - Board Guide Page 19.
  4. Team Group has already started distributing PC5 38400 memory sticks, but all sales sites are no longer in stock. newegg -> ADATA is expected to release its memories in the quarter 3 of 2021 ->
  5. HelpSupport

  6. I would test the BIOS version - the latest F34 BIOS - check for the version on your board.
  7. Need a TPM because Microsoft said, so said. They said they owed UEFI, so they said. I installed when upgraded to 10 the 11 that was leaked.
  8. Maybe the address is
  9. @ Kirill-TMS If you are also an importer of Corsair you can order it from the manufacturer without the need for RMA in total. This is a relatively small amount. Black side or white side
  11. At the bottom of the mouse there are 4 pads - peel them and under each pad there is a screw.
  12. The mouse needs cleaning and in the worst case replacing a switch located below the left button. For opening - 4 Phillips screws under the pads. Successfully
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