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  1. When looking for KVM it is advisable to know which video port the computer has and which port the laptop has - if they are not identical - KVM is not possible. If the video ports are the same - specify the type. Do you also want to transfer sound and microphone through the KVM? Not familiar with KVM (nowadays) which has no "hot" key option to switch from computer to computer.
  2. Hardware problem. The camera has a cable that runs through the sides of the monitor to the computer. Moving the monitor moves the cable mainly near the hinges of the monitor. The cable may have a disconnect in some situation and then the computer "loses" the camera. The camera connection in the computer is connected to a USB component and every time it is detected in the system it "gets" a new port. Repair - Camera cable replacement. Next time, check with Device Manager if the camera appears - delete it and search for changes - I do not think it is necessary to reinstall the driver every time. Camera example cable
  3. impossible. You must move folders and / or files from drive C to D. Use the link to move the user's folders to another drive ->
  4. The Defnder is active and recognizes the software as a spyware. Download qBittorrent
  5. Yes, it is necessary to first install NET.FRAMEWORK Version 4.8
  6. I searched the net and found the following video describing the problem with BIOS on the board in the B450 Aorus series ->
  7. RMA - Go back to the lab to be tested again, you may need to exercise warranty.
  8. Another option - remove all memory cards. Turn on the computer without memories. Turn off the computer and insert only one memory component into the DDR4_1 slot (this is the first slot away from the CPU). Turn it on and check again.
  9. Disconnect the power cord from the power supply. Press the power button for about 30 seconds in a row. Reconnect the power cord and try to turn on the computer again.
  10. Do not know how to install the network card driver. The proposed file does not have a SETUP installation executable file, but a BAT file that "pushes" settings. After downloading the network card driver file, extract the files inside the ZIP file into a folder. Open the network adapter bar again. Click Update Driver and navigate to the folder where the files are located. Network Card Driver File -> Help video link from 1:56 onwards -> .com / watch? v = S97hJsg4H20 Return to report.
  11. Check that the computer is not in "flight" mode - see User Guide pages 57-59 -> If it does not help, a picture of the driver will appear listing the installed drivers of the network adapters. PS The other drivers from the Asus website you installed? Chipset and the rest?
  12. This is different from the first situation you opened. Check again in the BIOS if the Samsung disk is first in the BOOT. In any case, I ran out of ideas for a solution. LT.
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