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  1. HelpSupport

    Nvme SSD assembly

    I would make sure it was closed and no matter if it was made of metal or plastic and any color - the main thing being closed - it would not be sealed. Wait for the computer to come back to you and decide for yourself. Do not believe it can be purchased in the country. Search the PCI Slot bracket
  2. Bad contacts. Remove the wire tendons - cut the cables and rediscover the tendons in each cable. Re-wrap a tendon from each cable with a tendon from the other cable. If you have the option to solder them - it is desirable. It does not matter the order of connection between the tendons of one cable and the tendons of the other cable.
  3. What was the price of the product in Kenya and how much money are they offering you? From looking at the price graph of the product in Zap in May, the price was 676 NIS. Today you can get the same board for 649 NIS - here. Check out an alternative board alternative - GA-B250-FinTech cheap 415 NIS only in TMS.
  4. Check for a BIOS update -> Check and find a solution in the "HP and Sleep and Hibernate Issues (Windows 10, 8" link -> https: // support).
  5. Right. The Ryzen7 3700x processor does not contain a GPU (graphics processor) and therefore there is no display from the board's video ports - a video card must be added and only through it is it possible to output a video signal to the monitor.
  6. HelpSupport

    Nvme SSD assembly

    Attached to the lid is a thermal pad with the "glue", whose function is to cool the drive - peel off what protects the glue and when closing the lid, everything together will be attached to the ssd. If in the future you want or need to remove / replace the SSD you will need to peel the drive from the Fed. This should not damage the drive. The existing "hole" should now be closed with a bracket that should be with the parts in the plastic bag and that were inside the case. Usually this hole is "clogged" when assembling an expansion card to the screen.
  7. HelpSupport

    Nvme SSD assembly

    TLH - There are two expansion slots for M.2
  8. HelpSupport

    Nvme SSD assembly

    To open the screw use a Phillips 00 screwdriver - note that the end of the screwdriver must sit well inside the slots otherwise it will destroy the head of the screw. The board has only one NVME 2.0 expansion slot. The second expansion slot is for a wireless network card - M.2 E-key Slot for PCIe WIFI Module Upgradable. The second image shows the dust filter at the top of the case - space for a possible fan. The third image shows a dust filter sitting under the power supply that you will place inside the case with its fan facing the bottom of the case.
  10. Things I suggest you do Download a sound card driver from the appropriate motherboard manufacturer's website and reinstall. You can also download the driver that was installed from here -> shtml If you do not succeed this time as well - check if you have a restore point for the time the sound card worked and perform a restore.
  11. The question is how to prepare the DOK with the help of the software. Note - your motherboard only has a BIOS - set the Partion Scheme as MBR and check "Add patch to old BIOS" See attached images. After preparation insert the DOK into the USB port (preferably in the warranty ports of the board) and on the computer boot press F12 to activate the BOOT selection menu Select USB-HDD. Successfully. And another point I forgot to mention - be patient - the loading is very slow.
  12. Yes. All that is left is to perform and test. After all, the "active" disk will not make a change.
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