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  1. Another question, is it better not to put an NVME drive here?
  2. Hi there, I got the following results in testing the drive on my new laptop. Is it correct?
  3. Hi, this processor, Intel's cooling stock heats up to 100 degrees in gaming .. Any thoughts? What should you do? The chassis is a bit small so not sure that special cooling will come in.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an existing 1050 card case that I want to replace with the 1070 card that a friend brought me. Two small questions - 1. Is the supplier's power sufficient in your opinion? 2. The new card requires a separate power cord in the connection, is it the cable that is connected in the picture? And, in fact, do I have room in this case for a relatively large card? *** worked out ****
  5. Thank you. So it's interesting why the two computers are listed differently ref = ox_sc_act_title_3? smid = A3N19FKNWHX59C & psc = 7
  6. Hi there, I'm interested in a refurbished computer that has the processor as in the title. From what I have seen and read, there is no such speed in this model. Suppose it exists, is this a significant difference from the regular model that reaches up to 3.4GHZ? Laptop, standard uses totally thank you very much
  7. Thank you. In the end I was formatted .. indeed tuition
  8. This is the error message if you try to continue with the Windows installation ..
  9. Thank you. BOOTREC with FIXMBR or FIXBOOT does not help .. What do you think?
  10. Hi there, due to all kinds of empty AOMEI drives and partitions, I tried to delete a small partition and unite it with the operating system. The result is not good (Attached is a screenshot from AOMEI - a mobile device as well as a black screen on the rise). Does anyone have an idea that doesn't include everything? I really don't thank you very much
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