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  1. Right now Cellcom is a fiber optics but even when I was in other companies it would happen.
  2. I did not feel such a problem I played THE WITCHER 3 part on the most maximum settings. Yes with her exactly I did a 7 hour continuous test. The truth is that I did 2 tests, only for the card and the other for the processor and to borrow the parts on the computer, I used AIDA64 and everything was fine there and I also used FURMARK and everything was fine there. The degrees were: card: 70 with effort, processor: 50-65 with effort. This is the same problem with a standard SSD. The problem is that it happened even if another video card. I responded to everyone sorry yesterday I had a long work day
  3. Hi friends I have a very interesting problem in games, I ran 2 effort tests for about 9 hours and everything is fine Ann Lee already what to do about it except to think about it I'm lucky? When I play games like The Division, and BDO 2 these games just get stuck in shape Horrible, I do not know how to describe it better, but when I play the video and around me there are a lot of players the game starts to get stuck and the FPS starts to freak out, I tried to check with MSI AFTERBURNER the use of the card suddenly goes crazy and sometimes see it even falls down Bringing some videos I shot of what's happening to me in the game itself .. it's just unbearable. The game just refuses to run normally, I got to a point where it's just not Bali to touch my computer anymore My computer: i7 10700 H470 HD3 Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 XTREME 16 GB Ram (Ram model F4-3000C15D-16GVR) 650 supplier of CORSAIR. Samsung NVME 980 Pro 500GB SSD Samsung 500GB Both games are installed on the NVME. I have tried almost everything possible, I am at a loss and feel that Bali should stop playing already.
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