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    My PC specs:
    CPU: Intel i7 4790K @ 4.4ghz
    GPU: MSI GTX 980 4GB
    MotherBoard: ASUS Z97-A
    Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws-X 16GB (2x8
    PSU: Corsair AX760i 80PLUS Platinum
    Case: Corsair 200R Carbide
    SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 120GB
    HDD: WD Blue 500GB
    HDD 2: WD Black 3TB
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    Peripheral Equipment:
    Phone: OnePlus 8T
    Screen: DELL U2312HM
    Screen 2: Samsung SyncMaster 2033
    Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha
    Keyboard: Ducky Shine 4
    Mouse: Razer Deathadder 3.5G
    Pad: Republic of gamers

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  1. Yes ah lol, but just for the sake of testing I was interested in what I have on average and the same thing, even lower and I with a block cooling. Could it be that they are equivalent in terms of cooling? After all, it is with liquid cooling. And to the author, do not worry about a total normal temperature.
  2. Walla believe me you guys, troubles of the rich. But thanks a lot for all the investment and testing definitely follows how the tests so far of the Reds in relation to the Greens? Just planning on the next system as completely red.
  3. I've been using DUCKY's keyboards for years and I'm very upset. (DUCKY SHINE 4) with brown cherry buttons, but it's a matter of preference you can read about the differences here: for-2019 Just make sure you choose a good, quality company, good luck!
  4. I am with HyperX Cloud Alpha and very pleased with them, the sound quality is bombastic, very comfortable and the microphone also does its job superbly. Stay away from headphones "7.1" is a marketing remorse in headphones, it will never really give you an experience of a real surround sound no matter what will be perfected in headphones. Besides that in most games today there is already a kind of "surround" built into the engine of the game.
  5. Tachles, such a fashionable and advanced game, what was the pressure to release it for the previous generation as well? Definitely pigs she came back to like a boomerang. They would focus solely on computers and the next generation of consoles, so the game would come out more prepared and maybe even with more content, too bad ..
  6. I do not know with this will help you but look I can tell you that I also asked to fix a specific problem in the speaker of the ear, I hear almost nothing in me (Galaxy 9) probably from a fall or something that is moving inside there. In my case the screen is definitely broken but not shattered, broken in such a small way. When I turned to Sonny but did not ask to repair the screen but only what bothers me with the headset, the representative tells me that they will not take the phone for repair unless I also replace a screen, they will not open it at all. I mean pay them some 900-1000 shekels as a requirement to also fix the screen that in practice I just want to fix the headset repair of I believe 100-200 shekels on the roof. You'll probably see this is their fucking procedures, I'm very fond of silk
  7. If so your attitude then maybe upgrade in 2025? Oh really ... all in all wait patiently for a bit. This is an area that never ends and is constantly changing and renewed if you stay with such an attitude you will not get anywhere.
  8. Welcome to the race, who will launch first .. launches regret on paper. Wait two to three months for everything to stabilize and stock up at a normal price.
  9. Great Tixati, good to see someone here knows him. I almost always do not see him mentioned anywhere and this is perhaps the best client there is today.
  10. A very simple solution, disconnect eagerly. Stay away from them like fire.
  11. Look, the fact that it's expensive is undoubtedly and they's a bit cheeky I would say, but you will not find in the country almost any router with a direct connection to fiber because this technology has only just started to enter a nationwide deployment, and they have exclusivity on this router. That's why you will not find it anywhere else. This means that with most routers on the market today you will need some small converter that will bridge your fiber to the router, how much it matters I do not know. Obviously in the long run it is always better to buy a router that will be used by you but again need to check this matter I am no longer up to date with today's routers. I know the leading companies are TP-LINK, ASUS but they too can get very expensive products. PS: By the way
  12. I just switched to Partner's fiber infrastructure, very bastard must say. Using their router in a rental model, the fiber goes directly into the device. Works great. A bit big and awkward but other than that everything peaks. Regarding various Shiomi products, what do I have to say - buy cheap, pay dearly. I would certainly not recommend a router.
  13. The new EDGE is chromium based so any extension in Chrome you can also install in EDGE just so you know. There's a great guide here that shows narration exactly what you're looking for:
  14. Sarm1x

    Purchase nod32

    Hi man, do you hear the Defender is doing more and more right now (2020) and is definitely enough for home use, especially if you do not surf in "dubious" places and download full of nonsense from unfamiliar places, so I do not really see a reason to buy something. If you have already decided that you want an external security system for the mental "quiet", the best on the market today are - Bitdefender, kaspersky, sophos, emsisoft. They have free versions, and you can try the full versions for a month and see if it works for you. But again Defender gives above and beyond the average user. PS: Always make sure to update the system and tools you use and there is no reason for anything to happen to you. And of course responded
  15. See if you want to directly download the ISO file, go to the website and change with the DEVELOPER MODE for emulation to another device other than Windows. This will change you instead in CREATION TOOL to ISO directly. I'm giving you here a guide on how to do it:
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