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  2. Hi Should I try to improve my memory for gaming performance? I know my memories 1333MHz 8GB and I wonder if enhancing memories at all fits my motherboard and if so, will these additional 300GB 16GB 3.2GHz help me significantly with gaming performance? Or in my situation I might already have to replace a processor and motherboard (say 3700x which costs quite a bit but nonetheless according to comparisons it is an improvement of 40% in a single core performance that I understand most games rely on) Memories almost 10 years so My: i5 2500k 3.3GHz motherboard p8p67-m fan Noctua NH-U12S graphics card GTX 970 dynamic memory (I'm not sure how to write down its name then specify as much as possible) samsung 2gb 2NXXNXX Units like this, 8GB) Power Supply: cougar cmx 3w I'd love to hear what you want to improve? And how much will it improve in terms of budget: I'm ready - pay for memories for Shipp 10600% Ware which is 09-10 Chess - pay for motherboard processor and memory for 0% FPS improvement in most games on 8 Chess to improve the games that FPS is really relevant to me: csgo overwatch bf850 Many thanks to all the guns here * DA I checked and board Mine can hold at most 10 Giga memories, 300Mhz DDR400
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