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  1. Okay, but even if it's indeed this backup, how do I physically restore it? This is not a standard WhatsApp recovery. How do I view the contents of the database file and even restore it to the application itself?
  2. Hi, my wife regularly backs up WhatsApp content through Google Drive's automatic backup. In the June 2021 area the Google Drive apparently filled up without her knowledge. Today a message was deleted for her and after reading a bit on the internet, she deleted the WhatsApp and reinstalled so that the WhatsApp would restore everything including the deleted message. The problem is that she was sure it also included a backup of the last few months. But this is not the case so all the last months have just disappeared, including photos, messages, etc. We realized that there are local backups of WhatsApp on the device (it has galaxy s21 if for some reason it has some importance). How can the last few months be restored? How do you find the local backups themselves as long as they exist? We will be happy to receive your help. Thank you very much in advance, Oren
  3. I can not find this folder. I figured it was supposed to be in drive C and then in the windows folder. It seems to me that I have removed the relevant events from the event viewer. Attaches relevant images. event viewer.rar
  4. It happens almost all the time. I wait for the screen to turn off and after it turns off, it cannot be woken up again.
  5. Hi, in the past, when the computer went into sleep mode, the screen would turn off, and to "wake up" the computer, I would just press any button on the keyboard, and if necessary a short press on the Power button on the computer. Lately, it just has not been working. The computer goes into sleep mode and I can not get it out of this state. That is, the Power button keeps flashing, and even if you press the keyboard or the button itself, nothing happens. My only way out of this is to simply turn off the computer completely and turn it on again. In short - my question is how to get the computer out of this Sleep mode? I have Windows 10 64 bit, and the computer is an Asus Zenbook UX461. I am attaching screenshots of my Power settings. Thanks in advance, Oren
  6. indeed. I also installed the rest of the drivers including the chipset. The computer is not in flight mode (also as a precaution, I inserted and removed it from this mode just to see if anything would change - nothing happened - there are still no connections). Attached are photos from the device manager.
  7. Hi friends, I have an Asus ZenBook-Flip-14-UX461 laptop. I formatted and installed 10-bit Windows 64. Windows shows that there is no identification for any networks. I have another computer and it of course does recognize the WiFi and also the wired network when connecting the network cable. I tried to download more or less all the drivers that can be downloaded I understand and in particular from the official website of Asus and Intel: -ZenBook-Flip-14-UX461UA on the Asus website I downloaded and installed all the drivers including that of Networking and wifi. On the Intel website I downloaded the windows 10 driver and the driver creates an error message ( framework required for intel software installer setup- .... unspecified error- 0x80072ee7). In short, nothing helps. What to do? :( I would love your help. Thank you, Oren
  8. Hi, lately my computer is constantly crashing and showing a blue screen that says "your pc ran into problem" etc. Alternatively he just gets stuck. In both situations, of course, the computer must be turned off "violently." This mainly happens when the battery is almost empty or when I charge the computer. My computer is an Asus Zenbook ux461. So I have a feeling it's related to the battery and that it requires replacement. I bought the computer 4-5 years ago. Two questions: 1. What do you really think could be the reason for the blue screen / crashes / blasts? 2. I found only one place that sells battery exactly for my model: -57wh-% D7% A1% D7% 95% D7% 9C% D7% 9C% D7% 94-asus-zenbook-flip-14-ux461-p-331860.html Do you know this site? Will a battery that is suitable for other models also suit me, so maybe it can also be ordered from Amazon, for example? Thank you very much in advance, Oren
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