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  1. Hello, I have the antec nx600 case and I want to add 2 more fans to it. The problem is that I have seen that all the existing fans come with a 3 / 4pin connection while the hub that comes with the chassis to control the fans is 6pin. Is there still a way to connect the fans or alternatively are there fans with a 6pin connection? (I could not find such fans and when I found them they were from an unknown company). Thank you.
  2. Okay, so in the end what is the specification with the intel processor or the first specification with the amd processor (it is important for me to mention that I have no problem adding another 500+ NIS if it will help upgrade the amd specification)?
  3. OK I got it. If I prefer an Intel processor rather than an amd, is it possible to put together a specification with their processor? Most likely if he runs on a computer this game is a FOOTBALL MANAGER and nothing more. I do not remember what discussion it was but I saw here on the site that they wrote that amd's processor is not the most recommended. Of course if it is possible to build a computer that in the future it will be possible to add an nvidia video card without too many other changes in the computer then I would be happy. Thank you
  4. Thank you very much first of all. I saw in KSP a computer with an i9 processor for 4000 NIS and I wanted to know if it is not better.
  5. Hello, Looking for a desktop computer up to a budget of 3500/4000. The main use of the computer is watching movies and sometimes running code writing software (i.e. for a computer science student). It is no problem to buy some of the parts from Amazon if it lowers the price. Thank you.
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