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  1. The truth is interesting according to the link you sent both the coolmaster h500 and the p101 silent are more popular than the nx800 but the truth is that its cooling is better than the p101 and the same as the h500 but the truth I did not find the h500 in stores at all ..
  2. Really thanks for the big deal I will probably go for the nx800 following the recommendation. I'll wait one more day to ask if there is another case recommended in the price range of the nx800 to $ 400 not the options I wrote I'd love to hear. Thank you
  3. Incidentally the gx202 also comes with 3 fans although 120 and not 2 out of 200 like the gx80 but it costs half the price of it 200 compared to 400 is it worth the investment ?! Although I have seen a power supplier write no more than 200mm, it seems to me that mine meets the criteria. Corsair rm850x I'd love to refer. Thanks
  4. Thanks to the poor. For general knowledge what is 2 better fans of 200 or 3 of 120 or 140 What is the performance ratio?
  5. I'm not looking for liquid cooling. The truth of not understanding this is pretty much looking for a case that its usual cooling will suffice. When do you need liquid cooling ?! In any case, it seems to me that I will buy crazy shipping costs from abroad. All the other components I bought from abroad. It doesn't matter to me from abroad or from abroad where it is cheaper ..
  6. Thanks. Does the chassis come with liquid cooling ?! Because I prefer to come with ventilation already except that I realized that corsair cases are not recommended so am I wrong ?!
  7. Hello everyone I will be glad to help you I purchased computer parts and I have left a case for help in choosing it. Not so much about it, but what matters to me in Box 1. It has good built-in ventilation that doesn't need to be added or as little as possible. 2. Reasonable size is not too big preferably small but needs room for at least 1 ssd and 2 hdd. 3. Not too loud. A computer is in the living room. 4. If it has LED lights you can turn it off somehow. 5. Of course a better price in the 300 NIS plus minus it can be exceeded if it's really worth it. A few options but if there are other ideas I would love to hear that I got a little confused. 6. Antec p3800 silent 5700. Nx2 101. https://www.coolermaster. com / catalog / cases / mid-tower / mastercase-h101 / Cool master h2 800. Gx800 500. A 500 4 v500 / reviews / antec-nine-hundred-two-v500 / 5. Gx900 If anyone can recommend or give a recommendation on any chassis it will also help. Do something important if I can't find one of the stores in the country I would love to have a rating of at least 3 so that I do not get a second break I do not know if all the stores bring the same amount of fans or it depends on the store decision I would love to know so much thanks to the poor
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