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  1. Listen ... it was a pleasure to read it. I have a system of 7.2 / 5.2.2 for which I have not yet bought good speakers D = There are also RX570 video cards because the previous GTX470 was destroyed. There is both a USB headphone amplifier and good headphones. And high-quality screen / s that I really did not know a computer was dragging me back ... By and large, I planned to save. And I actually chose to upgrade my current computer. I was actually left with another AM3 spare processor which is 955 (AMD with 4 cores 3200MHz) and 4GB of DDR3 memory I work daily on the computer, I built the final project, I wrote full of documents, watching full movies, watching a lot on YouTube. I assembled 2 more mint hardware computers I found in
  2. I bought most of the equipment at the time to try to get into the field of overclocking ... unfortunately I only realized 10 years ago that it's a gimmick and a waste of money for something you do not need. Today I leave the components only because they are still good for working with a computer (new RX470 video card) which is why I bought a used one: a 6-core processor (best for it) and memories that reach 1600MHz The CPU boost will require me to close the economical mode. I personally do not consider it appropriate to buy a new computer because I hardly play and rent the 10 year old TOP computer was enough for me to get 1 degree and run any game I wanted, say MECH WARIER ONLINE I tried to set this data but the board does not
  3. Motherboard GA-890GPA-UD3H (rev. 2.0) AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 1090 3.2 GHz processor c. 1GB KHX 1866C10D3 / 8G cc memory 8: KHX2C1600D10 / 3GX 8GB less related: Video card: XFX Radeon RX 8 RS XXX Edition 570MHz, 1286gb GDDR8 (original GTX5 card stopped working) Hard Disk: WD Case 470GB SSD: COOLER MASTER CM 500 Its first release (the rubbers that hold the hard disks dry out, not the most bumpy from it) Simple power supply of ANTEC 690W ( Because the SEASONIC GOLD 550W that was burned) I accidentally purchased 750 non-identical tickets. Voltage each 2V and currently working at 1.5MHz PC son
  4. Okay, I found information about antenna separation and the reason for 3 antennas is: each antenna or receiver has its angle. Or transmits in phase shift, i.e. in waves that characterize it. Hence, with more antennae device, there is a chance of better reception. Like you said MIMO but I extend I can buy. The question is, is my decision to distribute the WIFI antenna cable in some rooms a correct decision? (I plan to do the same with the ETHERNET cable in the future so that each room will receive a physical connection in addition to the antenna)
  5. Personally I do feel a difference (more absorption bars), the question is: Is it okay to do this and not settle for the 3 built-in antennas in Router? DA: I tried modding on one of the cables and dropped my head: I'd love ideas on how to fix it, also it only got halfway * Maybe I'll order a longer replacement cable from the Internet or just leave it halfway there.
  6. I have 3 such antennas in the router. Can I screw in one of the extension cable holes and put one of the antennas in one of the rooms or even outside? Will this improve the absorption from the mobile device?
  7. SEASONIC 80PLUS GOLD X-750 750W And also some simple one of ANTEC 550W for backup (because I suspected earlier that it was unstable), then cost me a good 400, the XXX model ticket with 8GB in 625 NIS, if they do not return taxes, So not bad.
  8. So is it better than GTX 1060? Yes It has good reviews Will this card work with PCIE2's 16 generation?
  9. I do not like its simplicity, you can buy tons of these mice, and it also seems to me that in the end I will go for the Logitech G900 which is both laser and looks much more sophisticated.
  10. There is a situation that it will stop working like the GTX470 that stopped after 6 years, it will stop after a month. Are you saying not to refer to the reviews?
  11. People rated the XFX RX570 / 580 cards as something that has not lasted more than a month, with black screens, and boot and overheating and also at BEST BUY the lower scales indicated that this also surfaced in Amazon for ratings given by 4 stars. rating = 5
  12. I wanted to buy this product but to my amazement, it has terrible reviews !!! Black screen, overheating and smashing the computer to shake. Other companies also have reviews below any criticism of empty boxes. I will hire back in me and there is a situation I will not buy.
  13. Maybe G703 is better? Nor do I think I like this shape of the mouse you sent
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