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  • Birthday 01/01/1980

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    [LEFT] [img] http://i.imgur.com/wC1JZqr.png [/ img] [B]

    CPU: [/ B] i7 960 @ 4.0 ghz
    [B] MB: [/ B] asus rampage lll extreme
    [B] RAM: [/ B] g.skill sniper 1600mhz 3x4gb
    [B] GPU: [/ B] asus gtx 980 strix
    [B] SSD: [/ B] crucial m4 128gb
    [B] HDD: [/ B] samsung spinpoint 1tb
    [B] PSU: [/ B] enermax revolution 1250w
    [B] CASE: [/ B] corsair carbide 540
    [B] MONITOR: [/ B] wasabi mango uhd420 [/ LEFT]

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