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  1. What an exaggeration, one can breathe a little, the world did not go. I was not upset and did not experience sadness and everything is fine. So yeah I broke my head figuring out what the problem is, it's not that awful and sometimes even recommended. Which of the parts is not for my needs? Fast processor? Lots of memory? You also do not know what my needs are. It is not so clear to me what damage was done, and it is not clear to me what I am going to pay thousands of shekels for. Anyway the computer works great, thanks to everyone who put their hand in helping. Acne water cooler and supplier below and I will try to return the OC and see if there are any changes. Thanks.
  2. I can tell you that maybe maybe maybe it has to do with the fact that the CPU is clocked and overheating. I just turned off the clock and the blue screens and everything related to it have disappeared - I'm still under examination but I've not had any problems for a few days. Try flipping the clock and running the computer for a few days and see if the problem is gone or not
  3. Cancel and follow up to see if there are any changes or not
  4. The board is connected in 8 pins but there is also a 4 pin connection. Everything sits properly, there is a cooling paste and the cooling block is properly tightened to the processor. Refrigerator I did not replace Allen I added another fan to the existing refrigerant. The computer does not necessarily crash when it reaches 100 degrees, can also just happen for no particular reason.
  5. I give up another second, the computer continues to make blue screens. Could it be related to the fact that the motherboard is only connected in one connection to the supplier and not in two connections? There is an additional 4-pin connection that is not plugged in. The processor on a small clock of 4.8 GHz could be that not enough power is transferred from the board to the processor and that is why there are blue screens? Thanks
  6. Hi then it's time to rejuvenate with a new cell phone, currently standing on the S21 or Plus 9 episode - both are good and the price is about the same price. I would love to hear from anyone who has either this or that regarding what use experiences etc. Thanks
  7. So I ran SFC SCANNOW and wrote to me at the end that there are some problems and he managed to solve them, I ran again and wrote to me that everything is fine. Hope this helps, I will keep updating anyway, thanks
  8. Update: So a map to the name of the computer still continues in its crashes. A switch was replaced to supply 650 watts of Antec. The memories went back to their original slots. Video card replaced with another card. I also added another fan to the CPU cooler and all the fans are currently working on 100% by default and there are still crashes, all the drivers of everything possible have been updated to the most up to date drivers available. Could the problem be with the installation of Windows? Thanks and happy holiday
  9. Thanks for the comment, I will definitely check out what you wrote. As for the tough update then I have already checked it and there seems to be no update. I also made contact with Seagate support who does not seem to be helping so much beyond the basics. I will try the Power Management interest if I do not try to return the drive to KSP or replace the new one directly with Seagate. Thanks
  10. Hello, I have purchased a new Seagate 4Tra drive, an internal drive that is to be used as storage for all the sailing I have on my computer. Seagate Barracuda HDD 4TB Sata III ST4000DM004 I started backing up all the stuff and noticed that the write / read speed is so shocking and slow that the speed goes down to 0 and then goes up to 2 MB and then goes down back to 0. A test of the Mark disk gives 75 megabytes in reading and 8 megabytes in writing. The drive is connected in SATA3 and all the Seagate tests also showed that everything is fine, the drive is formatted in NTFS. Beyond that I have no idea what can be screwed up and why there is such a shocking speed, maybe the drive is screwed up? Thanks
  11. Yes I checked and the video card is set by default
  12. Done, now the memory runs at 3000 as fast as it should. Thanks
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