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  1. Again, the question is whether to buy the original UNO or something Chinese? And is working on everyone possible through the normal workspace? Or is it meaningless? Regarding the tensions, I did not understand your intention, or rather how it should affect me at this time .. Thanks for the other recommendations
  2. Some of the things I said you understood, some I had not yet delved into, but I didn't even notice it was imitation. I see UNO costing around $ 30 with shipping from their site, yet I haven't found it cheaper .. UNO is designed to be the "playground" and "small" for what it will be ready for. Is there anything you recommend that you can work on in Arduino's standard work environment? The model that the recommendation (below) really looks excellent (I found about NIS 13 without the protector you mentioned), can order 2-3
  3. tl; dr - starting with Arduino, looking for recommendation on components and related equipment - "main" board, additional small boards, necessary ancillary equipment, soldering iron, hot glue gun, box for organizing the equipment, etc. Hello, I am an electrical engineering student with a light to medium background in electronics and language C. As part of a workshop I got to work with Arduino and decided that I wanted to study and work with the above in my spare time 😄 After searching the web a little I found it difficult to understand what sites are recommended / customized components, Moreover, if there are any recommendations for kits / components you would like to hear - the selection is simply endless .. 😅 There is no financial restriction that the majority is relatively cheap, but should not just go crazy with kits. Equipment that currently has: 2 matrices, the kit This, wires, full toolbox, want to purchase one uno and other smaller 1 / 2 sitting with such a ready project or I prefer to buy original boards (I just found this one), but if there is some preference to buy something cheap and alternative to start (in case it burns?) For switching components (WiFi, etc.) I am less familiar with the selection .. So .. where to start ? 🙂 Thanks in advance to the assistants!
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