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  1. Okay! So after multiple digs and breaking heads over a million and one reviews of another five hundred versions that this series has, think I'll go for the 14-inch with the i7. Bless you for the divine patience you have for all this, not obvious at all. Think I would have been stuck with this for a long time. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, thanks for the suggestion! The ambition is to purchase it as soon as possible, by and large, there is also a friend traveling to Eilat soon so if you can take advantage of it on the road it could be nice, it was more towards the "roof month". Anyway, some questions- guess what to carry with 14 inches more comfortable? I will have a bit of a problem connecting the laptop to the monitor at home because it only has DVI and RGB connections, so the real question is whether it is better to really buy one with a bigger screen ..) The OLED is less bothering me, I realized that you can reduce the problems with proper use, and accuracy Its colors in Adobe RGB are more successful (?) Among other things also some people told me that Asus has a problem with battery life, and that it holds around 3 hours compared to 15 of the bottles (which I still prefer not to go to, anyway, with how tempting I realized that there are Problems with the M1 in terms of a variety of plugs?) And I did not find too much discussion about this model specifically regarding the battery .. with such a video card will not load on the fans relatively regularly? + I saw that the Ivory Eilat branch has the same model (??) with 8 GB of memory and 512 GB on the SSD that also comes with Windows for much less, With the volume of the SSD I can live, but the 8 GB memory .... middle does not exist?
  3. Hi! The thing is this: I have a desktop computer that has served me not bad to this day, but over time I realized that being limited to it alone is clearly inconvenient, relying on computers in college is a fatal mistake, and that a laptop becomes quite necessary at this point. Believes that on most "heavy" things I can work from home, but if it is possible to do the same on a laptop without selling all my property and my soul would be nice. Most of the people I consulted insisted that the MacBook Pro is the best and cheapest way ("" "" "cheap" "" "" ") in this field, but if there is an option for a laptop with similar performance in the same price range ... I would prefer it, honestly. I would love advice here or here anyway! From there: 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? In general there is no specific limit, I believe that the 6K / 7K range is necessary, but if there is a justification and it is something that will hold me sufficiently in the coming years, it is possible to exceed, simply without all kinds of extras in the style of keyboards, rainbow colors, etc. to just inflate the price. 2. What computer uses (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), has a specific game or software example? Mainly emphasis on a variety of Adobe software, as usual. Illustrator / Photoshop / InDesign / etc., Is also used for video editing in Premiere and working with After. Editing in 4K is not particularly critical. Engaging in a three-style blender / Maya amateur only. (Gaming remains on the stationary atonement for it) 3. Is there a need for peripherals in addition to the computer (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No. 4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (For example, an SSD drive that already exists and can be attached for assembly) no. 5. How important is the quiet operation of the computer? Not particularly, but that does not sound like a helicopter after 5 minutes of work. 6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size of the computer and its weight, lights, etc.? Prefers not to be too heavy. 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (if so, it is advisable to specify a preferred version) and / or a computer train in the store? Operating system included. 8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If not it is also possible to specify a residential area. Netanya / Center. 9. When is the purchase of the computer planned (it is highly recommended to request a short specification from the time of purchase)? next month. 10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (e.g. USB Type-C or FireWire) or overclocking? No. 11. Is there any peripherals that will be connected? If so, which one? (Docking station if laptops / screen one way or another) wacom intuos pro. 12. Additional comments, extended detail and miscellaneous: full thanks in advance!
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