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  1. I have the previous model: AD3418DW + 2080SUPER. Amazing screen. With the previous card (GTX9604GB) there were games that I also reached 70FPS, but in the vast majority of games I was between 40-60FPS. I of course do not consider the games that would not have been possible to play at all without dramatic compromises in the settings. I estimate that by 2060 the situation will be better, but not far from it. In my opinion a screen with such a resolution requires 2080SUPER and above (and of course memory and processor that will not limit). By the way, the price sounds cheap (too) for a screen with an IPS and GSYNC panel of this size.
  2. I have previously encountered USB devices that when connected the computer does not switch to SLEEP mode or the screen does not turn off. Try disconnecting USB devices and see if it works. Especially if you have a JOYSTICK or DONGLE of some CONTROLLER.
  3. I used to have a similar case with a new computer. To understand if this is a hardware problem, I installed a VM with a different executable (win7). I noticed that downloading on virtual win7 was significantly faster than win10 being the host. Bottom line I had to play with tcp autotuning level technologies / network-subsystem / net-sub-performance-tuning-nics In another similar case (on the server if I remember correctly) I had to change the TCP Chimney Offload setting. It's a really long shot, but I put it here. Successfully
  4. I've been with Chromium Edge for about three months now. Excellent browser. I see no reason to return to the chrome.
  5. If this happens after updating the activation code, you will reinstall the card driver. It happened to me in the past (more than once) that after updating some speakers or headphones did not work. Repair or uninstall and install the driver back to normal. Successfully.
  6. Recommend: Product Catalog / I went there after sitting on dozens of chairs in several places. Once something is sewn to the back, immediately identify. In my case it was a Super Maestro model, but of course everyone and their back.
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