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  1. I understand that all the consultants at Khalat .. I finally bought the above model from apc in case anyone is interested.
  2. איך הדגם הזה?
  3. Hello, I would love to receive a recommendation for a quality ruling for a music studio. The equipment that will be connected to the uninterruptible power supply is: a computer with a power supply of 750W 3 computer screens 27 about 60W for a screen 2 monitors 100W The studio suffers from power outages, static noise that enters monitors and peaks. I have already lost equipment and work that has not been saved in the past due to falls. I am looking for a quiet and super quality interrupt that will provide stable, noise-free voltage and full protection in the routine as well (and not just due to a voltage drop). The expectation is for about 10-30 minutes of work during a fall. Budget: NIS 3000. Thank you.
  4. Wow don't believe this is what solved the problem ... Thanks so much!
  5. Hello. I've been trying for two days to install the Windows 10 on a friend's computer but for some reason the installation stops in the server window after account settings (no freeze just doesn't go to the next installer) and after a few minutes the installation background turns purple and still shows nothing (I added pictures). Tablet: Gigabyte z77 d3h I added a new Samsung evo 860 500gb to the computer (before that, the Windows 7 was installed on a hard-disk mechanical disc that is currently formatted and disconnected). Really already running out of ideas, I made 3 installs on various 3 dok, replaced sata cables and physical connections, BIOS made sure the controller was AHCI and not IDE and made an update to BIOS. Anyone have any idea?
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