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  1. I understand that all the consultants at Khalat .. I finally bought the above model from apc in case anyone is interested.
  2. איך הדגם הזה?
  3. Hello, I would love to receive a recommendation for a quality ruling for a music studio. The equipment that will be connected to the uninterruptible power supply is: a computer with a power supply of 750W 3 computer screens 27 about 60W for a screen 2 monitors 100W The studio suffers from power outages, static noise that enters monitors and peaks. I have already lost equipment and work that has not been saved in the past due to falls. I am looking for a quiet and super quality interrupt that will provide stable, noise-free voltage and full protection in the routine as well (and not just due to a voltage drop). The expectation is for about 10-30 minutes of work during a fall. Budget: NIS 3000. Thank you.
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