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  1. Hello everyone, I have a problem that I can not solve, I need to connect to the office via check point and then connect to my office computer via RDP. I have disconnections every few minutes for a few seconds - a really impossible situation to work. Data: When I connect via hotspot everything works properly. Connections to other RDPs work without any problem. I tried to connect from another laptop and it has the same problem. I connect via a short network cable and also tried several times using WIFI tests of a remote technician and a technician who came from HOT did not find any problem - and they really tried. The router is a hotbox4 hot router and also has 2 TENDAA mesh components
  2. Hp pavilion dv4-1225dx black screen from today. Seems to be rising but not showing. I tried: Battery disconnect and charger. Disconnecting and exchanging memories. Hdmi connection and reference. Bios login experience with windows + b + power button. I unplugged and replaced the screen cable that was above the buttons. Nothing helps, what should you try? Thanks
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