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  1. It is difficult to find the drivers on the net as a whole. So for the benefit of the Google surfers public I am uploading NCF-402.rar here
  2. Intel has a shabby management culture, smugness and complacency of seventy people. I don't look at Intel at all as long as they have a 14mm lithography. It's just time for AMD
  3. It is amusing that the makers have reversed, and now Intel processors are the electric ovens, while AMD is simply excellent. What's up with Intel ?! Stuck With 14 Nm Still ?!
  4. All of the above, after finding the drivers for your hardware ...
  5. Great news is that newegg is a store for all the good hardware and their prices are usually very good. Upgrading or a new computer is a site that needs testing.
  6. I liked. I hope other companies will build quiet and short cards, with reasonable power consumption while not playing. During play the degree of noise from the refrigerator is less important.
  7. Thanks Jonathan. I bought WD for a friend's laptop.
  8. No. NVME is a type of interface. It runs on PCIE versus SATA, so can provide much higher speeds. But yes, NVME is an interface to SSD, because no HDD can take advantage of the extra bandwidth. The physical interface is M.2, though there are also slot cards (like video cards).
  9. The problem is to put converters into the crowded real estate on the motherboard. In addition, a voltage conversion creates heat (additional). We as users have no word on the subject.
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