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  1. As I wrote here 4 years ago, sellers are not always the most professional. On the other hand, which is better? Will he sell you something that does not suit you, or say "I do not know"? 🤷‍♂️ At least they have honestly improved ...
  2. At the end of the day Nudia has a battalion that does surveys and analyzes to decide on the pricing of each card and proper marketing. As the TITAN was significantly more expensive than the 2080 TI and still particularly keen gamers bought it - but were not the target audience. I wonder if this time NVIDIA just added the TITAN to the gaming brand, as the 3090. Regardless, as the owner of a 2080TI for the past two years, I can tell you that I paid a high price for it at the time - because it's the only card that properly held 4K @ 60FPS. And I still would not add thousands of shekels for the TITAN. Even now Nodia is marketing the 3090 as a "must" card for those who have 8K - meaning people who have money to go for a premium in the first place.
  3. Hi everyone, I need to connect about 10-20 screens to one computer and upload different power point presentations between the screens. In addition, every few minutes you have to update some of the presentations, so that sharing video or photos will not help here. FULL HD screens. High priority to do it somehow through a wired LAN or WIFI network, but if there is a solution to split HDMI is also good. No need to consider budget constraints, this is a business. I would be very happy if anyone has an idea, or is familiar with such a service.
  4. Highly recommend to anyone who claims about any business that they are "thieves" (stores / importers, etc.), to start such a business himself, make it full of easy money! And now a moment of seriousness, the price of every product in a capitalist market is determined by demand and supply, you will be smart consumers, make a price and service comparison, and order from where it is most profitable for you. Remember that no one has to sell you anything, and you do not have to buy anything. Any other whining, coming from a lack of understanding in economics, is worth learning how the world works before getting nervous in the forum. post Scriptum. I have nothing to do with importers / shops, I am affected by lack of competition in Israel like everyone else.
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