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  1. What about these models? Suppose a deviation of up to 2300. https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1078385 https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1080396
  2. Looking for a recommendation and advice on the best TV that can be found for 1500 NIS. The TV went in the living room, so do not look for something the best that exists and on an excessive budget, so this budget. Thank you very much anyway and sorry if this is not the appropriate forum.
  3. HD 4870, GTX 970, at what fair price can they be sold by hand 2? I have no idea how to quantify what the price is currently for these tickets, how much they are really worth. I searched for sites I did not find. What would be a fair price to sell both (each separately, hopefully and buy them) in 2nd hand? Thanks.
  4. I have an Asus motherboard, it has been asleep for 4 years, or more. The model is a Z97M-PLUS with 10Gb / s M.2 Socket 3. After my HDD dies along with the 2 terabytes of files I was planning to buy this SSD: Corsair Force MP510 PCIe NVMe M.2 2280 1920GB SSD. My question is whether the board will limit the performance of the SSD, such as read and write speed and whether it will work properly at all. Thanks in advance for the answers and sorry for the ignorance.
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Sony's Power Show

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