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  1. Hello, In Win 10 left-aligned application menus. Changing settings in "Tablet PC Settings" only affects the context menu. How do I align main menus to the right? Thanks.
  2. I use Windows 7 Image Updater and installing a Hebrew package after installing in English creates various problems. I have an Enterprise license that is not suitable for Windows 7 Image Updater. I will pay a token amount for a product key (license) to download from the Microsoft website. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I would love to receive a link to download Windows 7 Pro / Ultimate x64 in Hebrew. I use Windows 7 Image Updater and it is important to me that the ISO be x64 only. Thanks.
  4. thank you for the answer. I also used Classic Shell on Windows 7. :)
  5. Hello, I recently bought a new computer. Asus Prime H410-A Intel® Core ™ i7-10700 Comet Lake Intel HUD 630 Windows 10 Pro x64 The interface of Windows 10 is very inconvenient for me and I try to install Windows 7. After several failed attempts, I got the Windows 7 Image Updater. It was clarified to me there that I would also need to install a driver for Intel HUD 630. I got to I would be happy to receive suggestions for alternative solutions and / or opinions on the software and driver mentioned. Many thanks.
  6. Hello, I'm planning to buy a desktop computer for basic use. Motherboard: Asus Prime H410M-E Processor: Intel Core I7-10700 Graphics Card: Intel UHD 620 Screen: Lenovo L24Q-30 23.8 '' LED IPS Should I add 400 NIS for PNY GeForce® GT 1030 GF1030GTLF2GEPB? If so, What are the advantages? And what about PNY compared to Asus? Thank you.
  7. For some reason I did not receive an alert and saw the answer only now. Thanks. Appreciate.
  8. For some reason I did not receive an alert and saw the answer only now. Thanks. Appreciate.
  9. Hello, Lately my browsing speed has been dropping frequently and the ping I get is high. I was a customer of "Expon" (wholesale market) and after a number of attempts to solve the problem I was offered to send a technician to my home. - For a fee. I moved to 019. In a conversation with their sales representative I mentioned the problem, and I was assured that if it takes place even after the move to them a technician will be sent to me free of charge. After the move - in conversations with the technical center of 019 I was told that "at the moment the speed is normal" and "we are not messing with pings". Is the payment requirement legal? I would be happy to receive a recommendation for resolving the matter. Thanks.
  10. Hello, in a speed test at The resulting ping is 350MS. In a test at the ping is 14MS. * "Wholesale Market" customer of 019. I would love to receive an explanation. Thanks
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