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    Gigabyte Windforce GTX 1060 6GB OC Brand new graphics card, packaging has never been opened. I am mobile with a car in the areas of Haifa, Krayot, Nahariya, Maalot. For those who want I can come, install and check everything on the spot. No manufacturer / importer warranty. One month warranty on me in case something goes wrong, we will replace.

    850 ₪

  2. It was also possible to write the article in a positive, or at least neutral, approach. I got depressed reading this.
  3. I ordered this Chinese junk some six months ago, you can count on one finger how many times I used them before they went in the trash. I wouldn't even try to arrange it. Drop in the trash, buy something quality.
  4. So I have no idea, you should turn to Sets support.
  5. Brief explanation: There is a picture, legitimate and free of viruses. When submitted to mobile in its original form (RAW) without any conversion, it can crash the software through which it was opened. If you succeeded in setting it as a background, then you probably need to reset your phone because every time you open the lock screen, the image will appear and crash the launcher. For a detailed explanation, we recommend watching the video.
  6. Can be even after a minute. In the situation you are now describing, it really is to test the stick alone with the Windows tool. Although I prefer memtest86 (because I have it out) most of the time it's true but not necessarily lol ...
  7. Push Pull Two fans on both sides of the radiator: one fan pushes air into the radiator and the other pulls air out of the radiator. There is nothing to do with the location or the direction in which the air is being pushed. The temperature seems normal, but playing and benching is not proper testing. If you want to make sure your ventilation is working properly. Run software that will simultaneously weigh all computer components (OCCT style) to maximize heat emission and leave such a test for at least half an hour in the room and the usual place the computer should stand. If temperatures stay normal then good luck. Take into account that if you have a powerful video card it is going to boil the radiator water and heat the processor, the heat from the card will go up through the radiator outward. The solution is to install the radiator up front that will let fresh air through it. For the most part, the original ointment is less good to buy separately. But this is just a technical detail. Usually the difference will not be noticeable at all, because the improvement is only a few percent. Why do they do it? Ask them.
  8. There are so many unknown variables here or you will start to list all the communication equipment involved in it, or simply invite the "professional" who lent you the cable without checking it.
  9. Through the sets you have to get KEY through which you activate the game in ORIGIN.
  10. Any news. Finally I got a reply from their service. Answer me by email! From a quick Google search on Gett Basket the company gives me several results with different reviews from 1 to 5 stars, and a number of sites that group a lot of claims. I wouldn't be anywhere near being smart consumers, research before buying. May everyone have an excellent weekend without Corona!
  11. Because they used to install Hebrew by some APK. nothing special. Today there is Hebrew in almost every version of Android, even if it is not of the region
  12. On the one hand, I pay attention to the dimensions of Mobile Israel. They star in a lot of stores. On the other hand there is hardly any information and articles about them. I found it: https://carsforum.co.il/topic/529373- warranty-for-smartphone-of- quot Mobile-Israel quot /? Do = findComment & comment = 4501700 on page 2-3 in a Google search
  13. Epidem

    Watch out for tms

    And all that noise on already normal electricity? Lol I thought there was some serious criticism here.
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