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  1. If they manage to pressure hedge funds to close short positions (and some of them have already closed) it is quite possible that the vast majority of Hildods will be able to exit spreads compared to hedge funds that will lose everything. Very interesting how it will end.
  2. Of course the Corona played into the hands of the hardware makers and in addition Noidia with the launch of the new generation caused not only a storm on the cards - but also on everything around from power supplies to peripherals including processors. The competition should not be ignored - if Intel's hands were on top the profits would be much greater.
  3. The experiment is around the information and not the vaccine itself. Anyone care about that?
  4. In theory, it is clear that the creators / owners of the content will agree to sell you for money - their goal is to make money from creating the content, unless they have agreements with another Israeli company such as exclusivity with Hot, etc. As for the English SRT file, you really do not have the ability to know its source (whether it is an official SRT or an amateur translation team has created) and the main thing is that you are the person who "ripped" the subtitles from the movie and distributed on the net. With all due respect to your desire to do things legally, as long as you do not plan to upload it to any site and make (say through advertisements) money on the translation - there is no chance in the world that you will get involved. (And if you get involved I do not know you and have never corresponded bye)
  5. In practice as an Israeli you only have to worry if you are translating something that belongs by rights to another Israeli body. And even then, you will only have to worry if you are part of a large translation group that is aimed at Zira. Although I did not answer your question, but that is what is important. If you answer the question directly then it is clear that there is also a legal way. Whoever owns or pays as much as they want.
  6. Your site and your winner do as you please but there is no shortage of people who believe in currency as a valuable object and in my opinion there is no reason to block someone just because that is his opinion. The value of a currency has always stemmed from the belief of people in it.
  7. We will see in Israel in about two months the effect of the vaccine. Let's hope for the best
  8. I do not understand why you are laughing. Thanks to him, I discovered a whole world of inflatable Jacuzzis
  9. Without even getting into the issue of due diligence behind Bictoin it is worth differentiating between buying a currency and investing in securities or real estate for example growth percentages between the value of gold and the NASDAQ: https://www.macrotrends.net/2608/gold-price-vs-stock-market- 100-year-chart All those entities that buy hundreds of millions of dollars worth of coins are bought to spread risk and hedge capital and not to knock a blow. We small investors need to answer the question "Should I buy Bitcoin?" The investor is the human being. For a solid investor who is looking for financial well-being after X years of work, the answer in my opinion is no. For those who are looking for thrills and like to gamble a little, enjoy.
  10. I wonder what percentage of the buyers of the currency in the last month bought it for a reward to use it or as a speculative investment. On a personal level I prefer to invest in things with real value, specifically residential real estate that relies on the fact that a person always needs a roof but it is because I am solid and boring probably.
  11. After reading the code that works in part, I realized I was trying to do something very similar. The problem with your code is that you are not handling well in cases where the organ at the top of the stack is not equal to the digit you are checking. In this case you will want to re-scan the stack starting from the organ that came after the first organ where there was a match so as not to skip a proper sequence. To do this you need to return them back to the cartridge as I described in my suggestion. You can also do this using 2 cartridges instead of three as I described if you add variables that will count how many organs you may need to return to the cartridge. Overall you were close.
  12. Great video. You speak clearly, the photography revolves around and the product is interesting. Can be useful for my streamer computer. How far can you use the keyboard and mouse from USB? What microphone are you using?
  13. Not a Java expert but familiar with data structures and in general it's a question of algorithmic (that's why there are a lot of "forbidden") so I'll give my shenkel. Suppose you have 3 cartridges (is it first in last out?) One given cartridge, and another 2 auxiliary StackIn, StackA, StackB you will choose an arbitrary direction from which you will look for a sequence (unity, tens of hundreds etc. for example) Unity to head, pour from In to A. If you find an organ in In that matches the unity digit of the data, you will now start pouring organs into B instead of A. Now there are 2 cases, 1 that you found a sequence and finished. 2 - There is no equation in one of the digits so you have to pour everything from B back to In, and the same digit from which you checked if a sequence starts pouring again to A and continue like this with the next organ. Now cartridge A may fill up and you will not find a sequence because you checked in the wrong direction, but what good is it, cartridge A is exactly the opposite of In so you can do the same steps as before, just start checking and bending from A to In. Hope that is understandable enough. I recommend that you translate the text into as much algorithmic spelling as possible before the actual writing.
  14. It net my feeling because I was able to find in the last week full of tickets much more than before. True it is far from a tidy stock but it is the beginning of a better trend in my opinion
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