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  1. With a VPN? Special modem / router? Which torrent client?
  2. I live in an old building and there is no fiber and also probably will not be I do not download too much but I expected it to be faster than 4 MB. What about Bezeq? Same story?
  3. But 4-5 MB download is what you should get in a 200 MB package? In the hot spot 4g from the phone I get 4-5 megabytes ... I was expecting more from such an infrastructure
  4. What is the policy? What speeds do you get in a VPN? Can you tell what speeds you reached before and after the cap?
  5. How fast should I expect with a 200 Mega Hot + Hot Net connection in torrents? I'm not going through the 3-4 megabytes of Ubuntu torrent. In the hot spot from the phone I get to the 5th area ... but in the speed test I get very close to 200. Even in the http downloads, I'm not under the impression that the speed was particularly high. I had a HOT technician this morning, saying that the infrastructure is normal
  6. Hi I work in remote connection. I have 200 MB hot and it does not work properly, sometimes gets stuck and sometimes disconnects. If I connect to the internet via hot spot from the phone, it works really better. And the phone is Hot Mobile. How can I figure out what the differences are between them and try to get a home internet connection that will allow me the same speed? Ping's time is the same thanks
  7. Hi I have hot infrastructure and hot net provider both 200 MB. Hotbox router I got from them. Speed ​​test shows pretty full speed and by and large the internet works a spin. But in torrents the story is completely different - the speed goes up to a few hundred kB, then goes down to zero, stays at zero for ten seconds, climbs again, and goes down like that all the time. In practice the downloads are really slow. I tried to restart the router a few times but it did not help. It also happens when sitting next to a router with a laptop and I do not seem to have a matter of reception. For 4 MB, no? Does anyone have any idea what the story is? Thanks
  8. Anyone have any idea why the Bezeq modem's light is blinking green / orange? The router is the owner of the apartment that is in reserve in the Navy and it will be difficult to get it any time soon. Bezeq is unwilling to provide service. Thanks
  9. And Hot Net is that? And how is Hot? At least in terms of service, it felt like talking to Bezeq, a monopoly that doesn't count customers
  10. Hi I am considering eager to join the internet, I see that they have a provider + infrastructure. The supplier is ITC. Anyone know this supplier? Worth something? Or will I buy expensive infrastructure and the bottleneck will be that supplier? Thanks
  11. It's interesting what you say. So apparently there is no choice but to upgrade. At least we learned something new
  12. The computer I am connecting to has 70 MB symmetric. On the computer from which I connect remotely everything I bring up is my mouse position and keyboards on the keyboard. I don't seem to need any more. And download I download a low quality image and read it should not be more than a few tens of megabytes per hour (and I also see it now when I use the phone for RDP with Hot Spot) so yes, I expect it to work
  13. It is not great wisdom to solve problems like this and learn nothing like that. If there is no choice I will. On the other hand, it might not solve the problem either. I'm not sure what the problem is but I wouldn't expect that I would need such a serious connection to connect to the RDP.
  14. The vpn of the work to connect to an office computer. That's what the computer guy defined. There seems to be no other way to connect to the office. But until recently I was living in the center near work and now I live in the far north. Related? And the ping from the phone is higher but on the phone it works faster. Whatever the speedtest connection on the phone is faster. Something like 30MB, and also 0.5MB speed and not XNUMXM. Another thing I do not understand is that in the first two weeks everything worked fine.
  15. I will say more specifically what the problem is. I need to remotely connect to a computer when working with a Windows Vista Marble Desktop. Does nothing special about him. Documents and emails. The office has a good connection, 70 MB in each direction according to the speedtest. Until now, more than a month like this, I had no special problems. Now I have moved in with the company and with her it is really slow even though torrents and such are working around (I am not trying to do both at the same time). And I did all the trials even with only one computer connected and no background downloads and I closed all the software. The phones are connected to 4 g and not to the apartment's internet. If I try to connect to the Internet from the Hot Spot phone, it is much faster than the Internet in the apartment. There is a 15 MB ADSL here and the speedtest looks pretty good, 15 MB download and 0.5 upload and quite stable. I think this morning is faster than during the day. I lowered the image quality settings to a minimum in remote connection and it did not help at all and see that it worked and the image is low quality. I also lowered the resolution. In a big way it's so slow that you can't really use it most of the time. I tried to read some tutorials so I did a computer ping at work and saw that I get 35ms most of the time and every now and then there are jumps, sometimes to 1000 and 2000 once to 15 seconds like that. Sometimes there are some consecutive or very close jumps. This is the problem? Is it from the supplier or the infrastructure? This is the apartment of the apartment and it is from the phone all the tests I did on WIFI. I don't have a network cable to connect to a router. So the apartment looks better except for the jumps. what do you think?
  16. So what speed did people get keen on during the closure? Half of what they were supposed to do? Quarter? Or was it not usable at all? If I normally have an area of ​​500, and a load I have a quarter of it, it's still faster than 100 in Bezeq. That's a calculation right?
  17. Here I need to upgrade my internet. In my opinion the price differences do not justify taking anything less than the fastest package (from what I saw the difference between 15 MB and 500 MB is 100 NIS and I work from home so speed is important to me). There is no fiber in my area. I can take 100 MB of lightning on the line, or 500 on Hot. Right? What are the fastest options? Or did I miss something? Which is better? Bezeq's representative told me today that Bezeq is 100 MB faster than 500 Bhut because Bezeq's network is private, as opposed to Hot which is public. Don't know what that means and it sounds like a joke to me, doesn't it? Thanks
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