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  • Birthday 10/10/1990

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    [IMG] http://i.imgur.com/QuY8lOY.jpg [/ IMG]

    [B] CPU: [/ B] I5-3470
    [B] MOBO: [/ B] GigaByte H77-D3H
    [B] GPU: [/ B] Sapphire HD 7850 dual-x
    [B] RAM: [/ B] Corsair 2x4GB 1600mhz
    [B] HDD: [/ B] WD 1TB + 3TB
    [B] CASE: [/ B] Zalman z5 plus
    [B] PSU: [/ B] Seasonic s12ii 620w bronze

    [B] MOUSE: [/ B] logitech G700
    [B] KEYBOARD: [/ B] logitech G110

    [B] SPEAKER: [/ B] microlab solo6c
    [B] HEADPHONES: [/ B] audio technica ATH-AD500X
    [B] DAC: [/ B] SMSL sd793ii

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Gaming treats for the weekend

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