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  1. I with TP-Link ARCHER-C7 in Unlimited, have been running with DD-WRT for almost two years now. Router a bit old, but good.
  2. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/amd-ryzen-5-3600-xt-benchmarked-against-intel-core-i5-10400
  3. What is whitening? Again, with RPM you have to work with Linux. Example of a RPM of zoom I downloaded from their site. I am on Linux fedora sample what installation scripts it is running [puu @ chuchu Downloads] $ rpm -qp --scripts ./zoom_x86_64.rpm warning: ./zoom_x86_64.rpm: Header V4 RSA / SHA1 Signature, key ID 61a7c71d: NOKEY postinstall scriptlet (using / bin / sh): #! / bin / bash # Program: # script to be run after package installation echo "run post install script, action is $ 1 ..." update-mime-database / usr / share / mime || true # update-desktop-database || true if [-x "/ usr / bin / update-desktop-database"
  4. I still didn't understand what you were trying to do. RPM files are files like exe / msi to windos. RPM includes many things in it. Like before / after install scripts, configuration files, binaries ... To work with RPM files, you will need one of Linux examples from Linux with RPM: Installation: rpm -if rpm List of files to be installed rpm -ql RPM You can scroll through more options, for example You can export RPM content and crawl this link, but why return to RPM if the original RPM is still present? If you want to change the RPM you already need an SRPM file from which you will build your RPM
  5. Rpm files are Linux installation files: redhat / centos / fedora You have nothing to do with them in windows
  6. No problem with AMD on Linux with virtualization. You just have to make sure that the necessary modules are loaded in the kernel ascent. amd_iommu = on
  7. What is @urib right is that you chose a distribution that is not for beginners. If there are problems, a big learning curve
  8. Absolutely not true. What you are experiencing is a specific case and probably related to the field of dealing which indeed, if there are issues like driver incompatibilities or software issues need knowledge to solve them. I can describe a lot of opposite situations from work. With us, developers can choose between Macs and Dell computers. After half a year of choosing, we decided to no longer give Windows computers to new developers. The problems are inherent, even though it's a meager mobile and not a simple model. Like blue screens, occasional restarts and a major problem is programming, Windows itself. It is not normally possible to develop microservices on Windows I am at home working with Linux and not connected to anything. IM G
  9. Try going up Livecd and see if the resolution works. Check on Virtual Machine Resolution This is not true, using another driver
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