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  1. או או tp link deco דגם x20 או x60 תודה
  3. 1. ASUS Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard for PC - TUF K3 2. RGB mechanical keyboard + PAVILLION GAMING 800 HP backrest 3. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard Which is the better of the three? Thanks
  4. I like you, since there is no budget for buying a bridge I will give up so I am a member of this forum, I ask before making the continuation of a pleasant evening and good news
  5. Luckily I was still under warranty, they had a motherboard and video card replaced about a year ago, the faults are repeated, it seems that they replace used or damaged and soldered replacements I will have to throw it away.
  6. Hi friends, title What could be the problem Can it be solved without a lab? Thanks and a good signature finish Ehud
  7. My friend, in this docking station you can connect up to 3 storage drives, HDD 3.5 + HDD 2.5+ SSD 1. Will an internal SSD fit and which company is recommended? Thanks
  8. Docking station title I would like to purchase Thanks
  9. Preferred APPLE TV II XIAOMI S does the job
  10. Hi headline all purchases in March - May 2020 !!! 1. I purchased 10 packs of gloves at the peak of the Corona, (there was no store) after 33 days I was shipped out of bauxite, but there was no shipping !!!! I informed them that there was no package and I have no interest in waiting there are already filled with stores and I will already buy and cancel the purchase and demanded another 44 days compensation I was notified again to take out a package, I ignored it, and afterwards I received compensation from NIS 200 May 2. I bought them a gaming chair PRO 3, NINJA Extrim instead I received a PRO 1 I contacted the supplier for clarification and stammer informed me that the packaging is a mistake and the chair is PRO 3 I had a suspicion, and I found out online about 2 types of chairs, it turned out that it is the same chair, the same A lady with a change of coat, I went back to the vendor again, they insisted it was PRO3, I asked "if buying a LG toy and it comes in PAYLOT packaging, would she receive it? He had no answer in the draw. I asked both the supplier and Groupon to take the chair and cancel the purchase within The 14 days, Groupon didn't reply to me, the vendor demanded that I bring the chair myself to Ramat Gan 3. I purchased a birthday for my grandson's firefighter blanket, and instead received a blanket from the football player from Says. What a grief to the grandson, I would love to hear suggestions on how to deal with these issues. It should be noted that the purchases were paid through PAYPAL thanks, and sorry for the excavation
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