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  1. או או tp link deco דגם x20 או x60 תודה
  3. 1. ASUS Mechanical PC Gaming Keyboard for PC - TUF K3 2. RGB mechanical keyboard + PAVILLION GAMING 800 HP backrest 3. Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard Which is the better of the three? Thanks
  4. I like you, since there is no budget for buying a bridge I will give up so I am a member of this forum, I ask before making the continuation of a pleasant evening and good news
  5. Luckily I was still under warranty, they had a motherboard and video card replaced about a year ago, the faults are repeated, it seems that they replace used or damaged and soldered replacements I will have to throw it away.
  6. Hi friends, title What could be the problem Can it be solved without a lab? Thanks and a good signature finish Ehud
  7. My friend, in this docking station you can connect up to 3 storage drives, HDD 3.5 + HDD 2.5+ SSD 1. Will an internal SSD fit and which company is recommended? Thanks
  8. Docking station title I would like to purchase Thanks
  9. Preferred APPLE TV II XIAOMI S does the job
  10. Hi headline all purchases in March - May 2020 !!! 1. I purchased 10 packs of gloves at the peak of the Corona, (there was no store) after 33 days I was shipped out of bauxite, but there was no shipping !!!! I informed them that there was no package and I have no interest in waiting there are already filled with stores and I will already buy and cancel the purchase and demanded another 44 days compensation I was notified again to take out a package, I ignored it, and afterwards I received compensation from NIS 200 May 2. I bought them a gaming chair PRO 3, NINJA Extrim instead I received a PRO 1 I contacted the supplier for clarification and stammer informed me that the packaging is a mistake and the chair is PRO 3 I had a suspicion, and I found out online about 2 types of chairs, it turned out that it is the same chair, the same A lady with a change of coat, I went back to the vendor again, they insisted it was PRO3, I asked "if buying a LG toy and it comes in PAYLOT packaging, would she receive it? He had no answer in the draw. I asked both the supplier and Groupon to take the chair and cancel the purchase within The 14 days, Groupon didn't reply to me, the vendor demanded that I bring the chair myself to Ramat Gan 3. I purchased a birthday for my grandson's firefighter blanket, and instead received a blanket from the football player from Says. What a grief to the grandson, I would love to hear suggestions on how to deal with these issues. It should be noted that the purchases were paid through PAYPAL thanks, and sorry for the excavation
  11. Hi title, if there is the same data in another company, open to HP Omen 15-DC1003NJ / 6WD86EA or Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH 81SY006GIV specifications / Same specifications on both laptops from Lenovo / HP OMEN 15.6 inch IPS screen FHD processor Intel® Core ™ i7-9750H 2.60GHz - 4.50GHz, 16GB Internal Memory, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1650 4GB Graphics Accelerator and Operating System
  12. You have here taxes and shipping and excellent service Try to pick supplies and shipping NEWEGG
  13. Hi, her friends, below is the details. To the detriment of the consumer does not include a computer fee, = 1099 NIS security fee = 48 NIS I asked, where did 1147 NIS come from and why?
  14. Hi there is appropriate software? Copy an external drive to another external drive the fastest? Thanks
  15. Napoleon My friend was right, it seems that the possible problem may be in bios See what they wrote to me "please check and make sure the latest bios / ec , The latest bios version on the site is different from the version I have on the computer The problem is how do I do or else I will do a factory setting for a clean Windows install using the internal settings of the computer and not using the Windows What do you think?
  16. 64 סליחה ,טעות אלה הדרייברים
  17. I was on site There were no USB drivers These are the drivers associated with my computer, which would fit my fault VGA Bluetooth Wireless LAN LAN Audio Card Reader
  18. Thanks I have no material at all, I did not install anything to remove ESET by the way, I did a picture of the operating system that is on the unopened external disk, I have the option to connect it to another computer and burn to a hard disk, this is more fatigue option? What do you think might be the problem with hardware or software?
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