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  1. In my wanderings last night I also found this: Core i7-3540M costs about 250 on eBay. We'll see what happens. Anyway thank you very much.
  2. I have an antique Dell laptop (vostro 3550). It has a core i5-2450 processor (two cores and a base frequency of 2.5 GHz) that was released in 2012. Can I replace the above processor with a better processor from that time? I better mean maybe a processor with 4 cores and the same or high base frequency More. Or alternatively, a processor with two cores but a higher base frequency. I guess you can find old processors on eBay but I do not know what to look for exactly. So if it is possible, I would be happy to recommend a suitable processor. But I told myself that if I was already replacing an internal drive and increasing RAM, it might be worth checking that direction as well.
  3. Following this post: I came to this breeze: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NBNLHRD/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AWKX36MYDX543&psc=1 about 3700 shekels (including everything) and I get a cool processor (I understand) a drive of 1 Tara, a relatively good video card (although I really don't need it) and 16GB of ram. It does not seem to me that I can get such a thing in the country, at this reasonable price (in my opinion). (Hebrew letters I will order separately). My question is: this product is sold by a store that works on Amazon. If it arrives here in good condition, of course I have no problem. But what happens, if there is a slight glitch?
  4. Everything makes sense now :-). In the first closure, i.e. just a little before it, I ordered two small products (from China). Arrived here about a week apart, from each other, after 4 months. Before the third closure I ordered pens and sandals. The sandals arrived last week, almost three months after the product was shipped (and the tracking number states that the product arrived in the destination country, ie Israel, three days after it was shipped - by the way, they were shipped from Germany). The pens have not yet arrived, but it is estimated that in a month or so they will also be here. What's funny about the section of the sandals is that just before they came here, I sent to the Israel Post a question about whether they recognize what is happening with this product (I gave them the tracking number). After several days
  5. I found this computer: https://www.winprice.co.il/product/computer- Laptop- dell-g3-gaming-15-3590-in-rd33-11696- Dell on the face looks good. A processor with a base speed of 2.4 which is almost like we have now and it already sounds good to me. And the price is reasonable (it seems to me). There is even a 1TB drive for storage which is great + a 256 ssd drive for the operating system. Only 8 GB (but according to what is written it can be expanded so there will be no problem later). Does this seem like a good option to you?
  6. I want to buy a laptop and I noticed that there are processors in all kinds of laptops with a low base speed. For example, this laptop: https://www.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=37502&site-search=dell Its base speed is 1.3 GHz and it can reach up to 3.9 GHz. Does this actually mean that most of the time my computer will be low speed? At low speed I mean how the computer responds. Is it agile in opening software, windows explorer files, etc., or is it delayed and everything slower? Will it be agile or relatively slow within the software itself? It is worth noting that most of the time the computer is not heavily used, but just edited in a loop, internet, Gmail and also occasionally zoomed in.
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