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  1. Is not the AMD processor better than the one you offered? That is, in terms of frequency it is higher at the base.
  2. Most of the time it will just be used for watching YouTube, emails, and the Internet just ... It is important to me that it will be possible to watch the material in x265 encoding without jams and without computer fatigue. I would like it to eat without salt Playing 4K movies in x265 encoding with no problem at all even though at the moment my screen is at all FullHD resolution, but if I happen to want to switch to a 2K or 4K screen in the future I wish I could watch higher quality without changing anything on the computer of course). (With my current computer it just is not possible. Detail below). Other than that I'm not a serious player and suppose the top limit in terms of what I want to play will be the crysis 3 game that came out in 2013 and was probably a monster from what I remember in terms of a video card he needs. So I would like games at its level (and from that period more or less, but not beyond that period) to run satisfactorily in 1080 quality on this computer. It is worth noting that the computer I have at the moment is with a core 2 duo e6600 2.4 ghz and with 8 GB of RAM and also an ati radeon 2400 pro so that a gaming monster it never was when it was bought in the distant past. As a cheap starting point, I saw that there are recommended computers in ksp and I went for the cheapest one out there that costs 2500 NIS. This is his specification (link: ** Link to a store that is not approved for publication ** ** Store owner, want to post in the forum? We have an advertising package for computer stores designed for you! More Details ** 😞 Category Category Item Quantity 113416 Processor AMD AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6Ghz AM4 - Tray 1 117993 CPU Cooler AMD Ryzen Wraith Stealth AM4 CPU Cooler 1 100099 Motherboards for AMD Asus PRIME B550M-K AM4, AMD B550, DDR4, PCI -E, VGA, DVI, HDMI 1 74050 Memory G.Skill Value 2x8GB DDR4 2666Mhz CL19 Kit 1 58939 VGA Cards Asus GT730 2GB GDDR5 VGA DVI HDMI PCI-E 1 39631 Solid-State Drives (SSD) Sandisk Plus SDSSDA-480G-G26 480GB SSD SATA III 1 Sound Card On Board 7.1 Channel Audio 1 Net Device On Board 10/100/1000 1 122565 Power Supply Antec Atom B550 12cm PSU (Retail) 1 80567 Case Antec NX300 Black ATX Case No PSU 1 Operating Systems without Operating System 1 2579 Assembly Assembling a package from parts in operation 1 I guess the processor is pretty monstrous for what I need and certainly compared to what I have today and the main problem is maybe the video card. The question is whether this video card (gt730) will provide me with what I want, both in terms of games and in terms of watching movies in the data I requested above. If not, what? Also, will the cooling to the processor offered here, be enough for me? Do not understand anything in motherboards but I would love if there would be updated usb connections to what is there today in terms of high transfer speed. Plus, is it worth buying ssd and maybe memories on amazon? (Of course I have no idea if I can download the ssd and get from them an exclusive computer and at a cheaper price, or I have to buy the whole package to get that price). (I do not need a larger ssd than the one offered here because I also have 1 tare of a mechanical drive sitting in my current computer that I will transfer to the new one). What about the given case? Is it relatively quiet? If it is possible to change to a better case, which means much quieter, it would be great. Other than that if you have any further comments I would love to hear and especially if there is a better specification worth adding money (up to 3500 final price) it would be great though prefer to save because I think I will hardly play on this computer but yes I would like an option when really boring, play a bit normal game.
  3. Okay friends, a surprising ending and a sensational discovery (unfortunately not for the first time) by his side: once again I came out dumb unfortunately the rabbi. Had to install this vendor upside down and not as I intended and insisted in advance. And I found out when I went to the store today and told them what the problem was and I was already going to switch to another supplier and it seemed they did not understand what closed with me but saw I was determined and did not object but then suddenly the reality was revealed to me and I noticed that the holes are exactly the same holes. When the new carrier is sitting upside down). Indeed when I got home (with exactly the same supplier I bought yesterday), I was able to install it (on the way I also pampered the processor with a new thermal ointment) and the computer is now working and from which I am writing to you. Thank you very much for your help!
  4. Excellent. This is what I really wanted to know. If there is such a standard I should look for. Thank you! And here are some pictures of my supplier when he is connected to the computer, when he is connected to mine and his details: (there is a continuation after the pictures) and following all this, is the picture of the supplier I uploaded a few comments before, suitable for my case? Also, how do I know to identify the supplier according to my standard when looking for a supplier to buy? I have not seen any reference to this ATX12V standard in the list of vendors I have seen.
  5. I found a doubt (of Antek) that its holes look (according to the picture here) in a similar location to the holes in my case, but of course I'm not 100 percent sure it will fit and I have no desire again to buy and get a product I have nothing to do with. Do you think it can really fit? (The holes look thick enough similar to the slightly thick screws that my malfunction has to provide).
  6. The computer stopped working today. And when it stops working, the intention is that when you press the switch, it does not respond, nothing. The computer is completely dead and does not open. The power in the title is the one I have on the computer and it smells bad so I assumed maybe the problem with it. So I went to buy a supplier and unfortunately I bought the supplier fsp hd 420 which does not fit my very old case. I did not get with it suitable screws (it is retail) and the screws I have from the old supplier are suitable for holes that are not in the same location of the fsp supplier. (On the face of it, it seems that the holes are also a little thinner than the ones in my old supplier) So if by chance someone has this supplier, I would really be happy to buy at a nominal price (assuming it is not new - I am from the Haifa area). Alternatively, if you can help me find some other supplier with holes that are in the right place for my current case, that would be great. I do not really understand it beyond what I have described here. My package is some generic package about 13 years old, so maybe there are power supplies that fit generic packages in the hope that these packages have not changed over the years. And if there are any then I would love a recommendation. I probably do not need more than 400w (the most excessive thing I have on my computer is an ati 2400 pro hd graphics card).
  7. I'm afraid to open too much so I can not / will not put everything back in place. I thought about refreshing the thermal ointment but after seeing what needs to be done to get there, I gave it up. Getting to the hard drive and memory is the simplest thing there is. Just open the back cover.
  8. Ok I know it will not excite you as much as it excites me, but I did finally order an ssd sata drive on Amazon, which fits the 2.5-inch mechanical drive on this laptop (I did not know at all about this option and was constantly looking for a sata mechanical drive until I suddenly came across this ssd option In my wanderings here in the forum). In addition from eBay I ordered another 4GB RAM stick (there are now 8 in total). I opened the computer, inserted the RAM stick and replaced the mechanical drive with SSD, installed Windows 7 on it (as it was before) and this computer just flew as if they had not passed 8-. 9 years (approximately) from the time it was purchased. Windows goes up very fast and software opens easily (I guess it's mostly related to the hard drive being an SSD). The processor ended up not being replaced and I stayed with the original. Also, unfortunately I lost one screw holding the hard drive inside The computer (you can hear it sometimes if you shake the computer a little.) At least another screw holds this drive stuck in its place (in addition to the sata connection itself). And that's it, I'm happy for now. PS I also bought this cute thing that allows I have to copy material from the drive I replaced, into the computer: Thanks for your help and the existence of this forum in general :-).
  9. Another question unrelated to the matter itself but yes to the argument cable. Suppose I order from Amazon a computer and assume that its cable is also divided into two: one cable that comes out of the computer and ends in this "box" and a second cable that goes into this box and connects at the end to the power outlet. Can I take any other laptop cable (for example the one from the current computer) and replace it with the cable that comes with the computer (because the socket at the end is American)? That is, replace only the cable that comes out of this box and connects to electricity.
  10. interesting. Thanks! [Edit] By "smaller" do you mean it supports less "tension" or whatever it's called so it's within the allowable limit so it should work?
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