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  1. I'm afraid to open too much so I can not / will not put everything back in place. I thought about refreshing the thermal ointment but after seeing what needs to be done to get there, I gave it up. Getting to the hard drive and memory is the simplest thing there is. Just open the back cover.
  2. Ok I know it will not excite you as much as it excites me, but I did finally order an ssd sata drive on Amazon, which fits the 2.5-inch mechanical drive on this laptop (I did not know at all about this option and was constantly looking for a sata mechanical drive until I suddenly came across this ssd option In my wanderings here in the forum). In addition from eBay I ordered another 4GB RAM stick (there are now 8 in total). I opened the computer, inserted the RAM stick and replaced the mechanical drive with SSD, installed Windows 7 on it (as it was before) and this computer just flew as if they had not passed 8-. 9 years (approximately) from the time it was purchased. Windows goes up very fast and software opens easily (I guess it's mostly related to the hard drive being an SSD). The processor ended up not being replaced and I stayed with the original. Also, unfortunately I lost one screw holding the hard drive inside The computer (you can hear it sometimes if you shake the computer a little.) At least another screw holds this drive stuck in its place (in addition to the sata connection itself). And that's it, I'm happy for now. PS I also bought this cute thing that allows I have to copy material from the drive I replaced, into the computer: Thanks for your help and the existence of this forum in general :-).
  3. Another question unrelated to the matter itself but yes to the argument cable. Suppose I order from Amazon a computer and assume that its cable is also divided into two: one cable that comes out of the computer and ends in this "box" and a second cable that goes into this box and connects at the end to the power outlet. Can I take any other laptop cable (for example the one from the current computer) and replace it with the cable that comes with the computer (because the socket at the end is American)? That is, replace only the cable that comes out of this box and connects to electricity.
  4. interesting. Thanks! [Edit] By "smaller" do you mean it supports less "tension" or whatever it's called so it's within the allowable limit so it should work?
  5. A little more detailed: I have an antique vostro 3550 laptop (about 9 years old). To charge it (or at the moment simply so that it has power because the battery has gone pipe long ago) there is a connection of a cable to the computer. This cable, which comes out of the computer, ends in a small "box" that is (I understand) in many charging cables of laptops (which I do not know what they are called) and to which is connected another cable whose end connects to the power outlet. 2 questions: 1. Is there a cable whose one side is the input to the computer and the other side is a USB port? 2. If there is one, can I buy it and then use such a charger instead of all the cumbersome cable we currently have (i.e. the original cable that the computer came with)?
  6. In my wanderings last night I also found this: Core i7-3540M costs about 250 on eBay. We'll see what happens. Anyway thank you very much.
  7. I have an antique Dell laptop (vostro 3550). It has a core i5-2450 processor (two cores and a base frequency of 2.5 GHz) that was released in 2012. Can I replace the above processor with a better processor from that time? I better mean maybe a processor with 4 cores and the same or high base frequency More. Or alternatively, a processor with two cores but a higher base frequency. I guess you can find old processors on eBay but I do not know what to look for exactly. So if it is possible, I would be happy to recommend a suitable processor. But I told myself that if I was already replacing an internal drive and increasing RAM, it might be worth checking that direction as well.
  8. Following this post: I came to this breeze: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NBNLHRD/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=AWKX36MYDX543&psc=1 about 3700 shekels (including everything) and I get a cool processor (I understand) a drive of 1 Tara, a relatively good video card (although I really do not need it) and 16GB of ram. It does not seem to me that I can get such a thing in the country, at this reasonable price (in my opinion). (Hebrew letters I will order separately). My question is: this product is sold by a store that works on Amazon. If it arrives here in good condition, of course I have no problem. But what happens, if there is a slight glitch? Maybe a pixel or two does not work on the screen, to me something in the system is not working well When I open the computer I have no idea what the problem might be but I guess there could be a problem and then I'm in trouble. My question is what do I do in such a situation? Can I take care of this computer in the country with someone who works with asus or should I send the computer back? Will I get the money back (other than maybe the shipping fee)? How does this thing work? Did anyone have a minor (or even heavy) problem that eventually worked out to his satisfaction? It's a pretty expensive product and I would be happy to know in advance what to expect if there should be a malfunction.
  9. Everything makes sense now :-). In the first closure, i.e. just a little before it, I ordered two small products (from China). Arrived here about a week apart, from each other, after 4 months. Before the third closure I ordered pens and sandals. The sandals arrived last week, almost three months after the product was shipped (and the tracking number states that the product arrived in the destination country, ie Israel, three days after it was shipped - by the way, they were shipped from Germany). The pens have not yet arrived, but it is estimated that they will be here in about a month. What's funny about the pair of sandals is that just before they came here, I sent to the Israel Post a question about whether they recognize what is happening with this product (I gave them the tracking number). After a few days they sent me a reply that they did not recognize this product in the system and even provided me with a letter in English with the postage stamp that I could give to the seller from whom I bought. Finally after a day or two, after they sent me this response, I received an email saying that I had paid 10 shekels for the BOX2GO service (and indeed I sent the sandals to the address of this service). A few more days passed until he reached the closet from which I could collect it. It is worth noting that in the above email was written the tracking number that the seller gave me sometime when he sent the product. That is, the tracking number "disappeared" to the Israel Post for a long time and was suddenly discovered.
  10. I found this computer: https://www.winprice.co.il/product/computer- Laptop- dell-g3-gaming-15-3590-in-rd33-11696- Dell on the face looks good. A processor with a base speed of 2.4 which is almost like we have now and it already sounds good to me. And the price is reasonable (it seems to me). There is even a 1TB drive for storage which is great + a 256 ssd drive for the operating system. Only 8 GB (but according to what is written it can be expanded so there will be no problem later). Does this seem like a good option to you?
  11. I want to buy a laptop and I noticed that there are processors in all kinds of laptops with a low base speed. For example this laptop: https://www.ivory.co.il/catalog.php?id=37502&site-search=dell Its base speed is 1.3 GHz and it can reach up to 3.9 GHz. Does this actually mean that most of the time my computer will be low speed? At low speed I mean how the computer responds. Is it agile in opening software, windows explorer files, etc., or is it delayed and everything slower? Will it be agile or relatively slow within the software itself? (It is worth noting that most of the time the computer is not heavily used, but just edited in a loop, internet, Gmail and also occasionally zoom in (and rarely even a little Premier)) For comparison, we have a laptop bought 9 years ago (dell vostro 3550). Its processor is: Intel Core i5-2450 (2.5Ghz) If you go to the Intel website: https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/53452/intel-core-i5-2450m -processor-3m-cache-up-to-3-10-ghz.html It can be seen that the base speed is 2.5 ghz and the maximum speed is 3.1 GHz. From this data can I say that my antique computer will be "faster" in general than the above new computer? I mean this Dell computer is relatively weak? How am I supposed to understand what is written here? I do not want to spend a considerable amount and find that the computer "Not dragging" as I usually do. I would love to explain what's going on here and whether I would be happy with this computer or is it really better to invest more and get a processor with a higher base speed? And of course I would love a recommendation for a laptop of this size (or 15.6 inches). More options to choose from), which has a good processor and has at least 8 GB of RAM. (Hard drive of at least half a gigabyte - better but 1 tB if possible). This (new) one as I was pleased with the current one (which has apparently already done its thing).
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