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  1. I try to go to www.vans.com and all the time the dandan (chrome & firefox) redirects to Israeli.
  2. I have an XBOX Series X and a subscription to the Game Pass service and I am looking for a recommendation for a racing game that can be played with 2 remotes (not a network game) Anyone know anything?
  3. Today I connected to Bezeq and received Bezeq's modem router. After the technician finished configuring all the settings I was able to connect to the router interface through the browser at (I connect with a wired connection). Then I wanted to change a certain setting (MTU) because I have a problem uploading sites of my work when I am connected with a VPN so I tried to look for this option the router (_does it even exist in this router? The following message: Bezeq of course did not know what it was and how to help me and suddenly it worked out but until I found what I was looking for again it came back and at the moment this is the situation and I can not connect. I should note that the Bcyber app is not what I need because I have another router but the be app but it does not work and does not recognize me yet because according to the technical support it has not been 48 hours since I connected so advised me to try again tomorrow and anyway they have no idea why I can not connect to the router interface and what is the problem.
  4. I am a recipe that I wish Repeat could do on a particular section of a song and the official iPhone app can't. Anyone know?
  5. There is this site where you put in tact, click SHOW and it shows the tact in all sorts of fonts and what is left to do is just copy but the problem is that it does not work with Hebrew. Anyone know any other way?
  6. Can I connect to the wireless keyboard ps2 adapter?
  7. I have this motherboard: https://www.gigabyte.com/Motherboard/GA-AX370-Gaming-K5-rev-1x#kf In the past when I wanted to format the computer (I have a USB device connected to a computer with WIN) I would press F12 And there, the computer sets up the USB and continues from there. Now the computer just does not go into this option (although write me a F12 in the post) and the computer just goes up and goes straight into the WIN, I tried several times and nothing helps. So I tried to moisturize DEL to set the BIOS that the computer will load first from the USB but how BIOS appears neither the mouse nor the keyboard respond and I have no other option.
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