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  1. Is it possible to prevent one user from accessing another user's files? Both are administrators (can not be changed) and can be easily accessed via drive c most he asks for administrator approval, since the account is administrator he has no problem confirming it and does not even need a password ... or another option is, if it is possible to worry that it will not be possible in Word View / open files of the second account.
  2. Wow wow, I already forgot what I wrote there ...
  3. Maybe now is the time?
  4. Well, you just rallied in tension, for a week can not sleep.
  5. In slide there is an error, I will change it later. Error, the slide is excellent. Is this the right way to do it? By the way why does it not work with theard.sleep and task.delay.wait?
  6. Is this a valid code? private void btn1_Click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {timer.Tick + = Timer_Tick_fade; } private void Timer_Tick_fade (object sender, EventArgs e) {var item = (tab1.Items [tab1.SelectedIndex] as TabItem) .Content as Grid; item.Opacity - = 0.001; if (item.Opacity <0.1) {tab1.SelectedIndex = tab1.SelectedIndex! = tab1.Items.Count - 1? tab1.SelectedIndex + 1: 0; timer.Tick - = Timer_Tick_fade; item.Opacity = 1.0; }}
  7. Of course it is possible, you only need to use casting (which is not the right way). So what's the right way?
  8. Of course it is possible! tabControl.Items. True, but getting to the grid is impossible ... and the item is also an object that has no way to go anywhere. And I made a nice effect with the opacity and it has no such option, except that it needs the opacity of the grid and not of the item (at least that's how I was able to understand, but now that I think about it it's not necessarily true). Now, when doing animation on a storyboard (hoping I can make a button as a trigger), is it possible to do it on all the grids or should one be done for everyone? In short I want to click on one button the opacity of the grid in the current item will start to drop to 0.01 (with this timer working well) and at the end of the next item will appear, the question if it is possible (conveniently),
  9. Too bad you can't get code for "boys" through the parent something like tabControl.item.grid. Learning all the material on wpf, having to find time (which I really don't have) and studying everything in an orderly fashion, meanwhile I find myself skimming parts of information here and there and spending hours on nothing without a drop of understanding.
  10. Do not worry I'm not just dropping bags on you, I try to check the area first. I saw this link and also the sub-link that is brought there, but none of them answer my question, neither about copying the control nor about the fact that AA should display two tabs at the same time, it is indeed a nice effect but a bit complex how he did all this business .wpf is much more complex than I thought ...
  11. But it has to do with this question. Everything I try does not work because it is not possible to display two tabs at the same time, so I want to copy one tab to control some image and manipulate it.
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