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  1. True, but I could not start it, maybe because the computer is 32 bit and the above system works on 64 bit
  2. Well, I ended up using the good old hbcd, the mini xp has the NTPWedit tool worked for me fine, half a minute and the password was changed.
  3. Excellent, if you have no problems, I would love for you to share with me which tools you use, as I said I used HBCD, specifically in Mini XP, but do not remember what the exact tool name
  4. The question of whether Microsoft did not add protection against it, in Windows 10 things have changed to avoid such things, like the patchguard and there must be more things., The question of whether anyone knows the changes and knows it will not make problems.
  5. Refreshing the arsenal of tools with a tool that is safe for the computer, two days ago I was asked to open a computer that was locked for them (for the avoidance of doubt, for free, help for the family ...) and not quite sure I could do it, in the end they did not come to me. Could help.
  6. When I try to download the software I immediately get messages that it might harm my computer, do you use it?
  7. I have Win10_20H2_v2_Hebrew_x64.iso but I can not make it to doc installer (I use YUMI), how better to do it? Is this a safe way?
  8. The problem is that any such software changes things in the internal files of the operating system, and I am afraid it will have a good effect on the system, and this specific computer is too important to me to start with such problems ...
  9. Is there any recommended software to reset your computer password? So far I have used hbcd there are some interesting tools there, but since 2012 the business there has not been updated and do not know how much it will work on windows 10 familiar tool and b that does the job?
  10. How do you do that? If you meant parental control, then it's just through the edge ...
  11. This means that if I browse the browser / search in a Microsoft store or anything else that sends a request (http request) or receives a response (http response) something will block all the ports and prevent the answer from going to me in the browser or software that sent the request or prevent the request from going out.
  12. Hi I have a computer I want to have only for work (work from home via the internet, via citrix I think), for this I want to monitor network traffic so that every request or reply that comes back, falls straight otherwise it belongs to the address of the work. How can I do It?
  13. Is it possible to create an iso file of my operating system (windows 10 pro) and reinstall it on the computer so that I have two systems on the computer? In fact, I do not mind reinstalling Windows 10 as a second system, only I do not have a key for it ...
  14. Is it possible to prevent one user from accessing another user's files? Both are administrators (can not be changed) and can be easily accessed via drive c most he asks for administrator approval, since the account is administrator he has no problem confirming it and does not even need a password ... or another option is, if it is possible to worry that it will not be possible in Word View / open files of the second account.
  15. Wow wow, I already forgot what I wrote there ...
  16. Maybe now is the time?
  17. Well, you just rallied in tension, for a week can not sleep.
  18. In slide there is an error, I will change it later. Error, the slide is excellent. Is this the right way to do it? By the way why does it not work with theard.sleep and task.delay.wait?
  19. Is this a valid code? private void btn1_Click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {timer.Tick + = Timer_Tick_fade; } private void Timer_Tick_fade (object sender, EventArgs e) {var item = (tab1.Items [tab1.SelectedIndex] as TabItem) .Content as Grid; item.Opacity - = 0.001; if (item.Opacity <0.1) {tab1.SelectedIndex = tab1.SelectedIndex! = tab1.Items.Count - 1? tab1.SelectedIndex + 1: 0; timer.Tick - = Timer_Tick_fade; item.Opacity = 1.0; }} private void btn_slide_Click (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) {timer.Tick + = Timer_Tick_slide; } private void Timer_Tick_slide (object sender, EventArgs e) {var item = (tab1.Items [tab1.SelectedIndex] as TabItem) .Content as Grid; item.Margin = new Thickness (item.Margin.Left + 1,0,0,0); if (item.Margin.Left> = 1000) {tab1.SelectedIndex = tab1.SelectedIndex! = tab1.Items.Count - 1? tab1.SelectedIndex + 1: 0; timer.Tick - = Timer_Tick_slide; item.Margin = new Thickness (0,0,0,0); }} He does the job pretty nicely, and I think the code is prettier than what you referred me to.
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