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  1. Before there was stock they took out the urge to buy it seemed to me I would wait for the next generation
  2. I will check in depth but in my opinion the fan does not work if there is a problem of electricity there. I can bring liquid cooling systems. Because maybe there is an electrical problem or it is not connected well and that way the cooling electricity will come from the supplier will it solve the problem? If so, is it possible to link to some liquid cooling for a video card with three fans? (1080)
  3. I bought a 1080 video card is a display mirror and the fans do not rotate. Before the fans there was water cooling which according to the seller was an excellent worker he returned the fans and stopped working what could be the problem and where can it be fixed and how much should it cost hope
  4. 6970 הזמנתי כבר את זה https://www.ebay.com/itm/Air-Purifier-Fan-BASA0725R2U-75mm-for-ATI-Radeon-HD4870-5870-HD5850-5970-HD6970/333565674868?hash=item4daa104574:g:sAkAAOSwDVVehs9w
  5. I bought a second hand computer it turns on and after a second it shuts down someone knows what could be the problem
  6. This is a video card from 2012. You have no idea where to get such a fan
  7. Hello. Thanks to the person who helps me. I try to clean dust 6970 times a year. Today I turned on the computer and there was a noise as if really loud from the fan I checked and it's the video card. For no reason I have not yet started playing I turned off and on and still noise as the computer turns on. Speedfan It shows that the C.M. fire from what it can result? How do you fix it?
  8. Need a recommendation for a laptop. For normal use with light gaming, I saw that Intel's 11th generation processors come with a built - in graphics accelerator that is a turn for easy gaming. The question is whether laptops are like this or just stationary? Apparently he ordered from Amazon to America for my friend home and he will bring me another month he will come. Is it better for a laptop? Intel or amd I understood amd new in the field of laptop and which company brings international responsibility if there is such a thing
  9. What is better at the moment 100 MHz flash infrastructure as soon as possible I will upgrade to 1000 MB TP-Link Archer AX10 AX1500 Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6 TP-Link Archer VR600
  10. Hello I before buying a gaming computer I go for a 10600KF processor because it costs less than 1000 shekels and I do not need the graphics part because even so I buy a video card in the future I would like to overclock the processor so my question which motherboard to buy which was the cheapest possible was intended For overclocking and gaming (I will combine with it Cm 3070 or the equivalent of amd that were available)
  11. If you take the 5600x processor and put it on the amd the new screen of amd the processor will give more performance? By and large I plan to buy a 10600 and then add to it the 3070 or the new amd video card
  12. A second before buying a computer. Until now I was sure I would buy a 5600X but I find myself squinting at the Intel Core i5 10600KF sold at 876 NIS the difference of 574 NIS and now to the question are they really giving it performance? Based on what is written in the article .. "In addition, to remind you, there is a Core i5 10600KF processor, which does not include a built-in graphics core, so you can still call this comparison fair. Price in the market? Even lower, less than a thousand shekels and if you look really good, also lower than NIS 900 "
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