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  1. Hi, I have a computer (1) here with 1x8GB 2666 memory, I want to put this card in another computer (2), when I put 1 1x4GB 2400 in the computer, it made sounds from the speaker, and did not come up at all .. From what I remember, it should just work On the lower speed, which is 2400 ... how do you arrange it? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have LG Stylus 2, but it lives on ... I would love to know: - How do I delete unused built-in apps? - Permanently stopping unnecessary processes - Freeing up as much space as possible in RAM - Can OC be done for CPU and RAM? - Which rum is the easiest and most scarce resource? - Anything else I missed? 🙃 Thank you
  3. Thanks so much, but I couldn't find any answers there .. @smalul Maybe you can help? I put G.Skill Aegis DDR4 2x16GB 3000Mhz CL16 Why do I see 2133Mhz, and not 2400 as written in the PC specification, which is its maximum?
  4. My brother, I tried both of them, it seems to work so thank you very much !!!!
  5. Hi, I noticed that pictures of girls that link to adult sites appear .. It takes me to https://videoplaylive.tk/ How do you get rid of this thing? I did a full scan on windows security, found some things, didn't help ... thanks
  6. What it means? Please explain .. I did not understand you say, that I can do OC for memories? Say 3000 Mhz? But the gentle motherboard 2400 so what's the point? ... 2. What is better? 1x32, or 2x16? Or is there no difference? I'd love to explain
  7. Ok I managed to make it on Lenovo's website do not remember already so here is a question, in cpuz I see that they are 2666 and the site says it supports up to 2400 How does it work out?
  8. PC I meant DESKTOP:) I fixed .. How do I know what model?
  9. Hi, I have a Lenovo Desktop 8GB RAM What is the maximum I can put, and at what speed? I looked for information about the motherboard and didn't find it, the closest I found it is - https://openbenchmarking.org/result/1802279-FO-1802270FO46 I see that it is 32GB .. But how can I be sure it is the maximum? And at what speed? I'd love to help, thank you
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