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  1. In the end I got along, I saw that someone wrote that only when he connected a mouse the computer recognized the file, I connected a mouse and now he recognized ... Do not ask me to make sense ...
  2. No problem explaining, the computer just does not recognize the driver I downloaded. By the way, what about disabling VMD technology?
  3. Here I have seen two options how to overcome the problem in Asus a computers. By driver, which I also tried with the driver they are referring to, and yet the computer does not recognize a signal. B. By disabling VMD technology in the processor. I do not know if this is worthwhile, and there is also a stern warning before doing so ... so I'm afraid. what do you say?
  4. I did not make it. By the way, this is an Asus computer, not a Lenovo, if that matters. I also tried to put the material in Joasby without the folder, and also still do not recognize the option in the image above - "Upload Driver".
  5. By the way, I put the whole folder sliced, right? Does not open and upload files into Onky?
  6. got it. Excellent. I thought you should do Onki with 'bot' etc.
  7. I ran into the same problem. Can I have a brief explanation of how I do the USB installation?
  8. Thanks for the TN panel - I saw here that today some people think it does not mean much. Regarding the S system - I read here that it is possible to switch to normal mode. By the way - which is better - the Asus or Lenovo I brought? Asus has 8GB of memory, but without an operating system, Lenovo has only 4 but with an operating system. Can you point out any other differences or recommend one of them?
  9. I will probably go for more expensive, not in the previous price anywhere, I saw this computer https://www.zap.co.il/model.aspx?modelid=1110153 The processor is more advanced, also a fingerprint, also windows installed, but the memory 4 GB only. I would love to hear if anyone has an opinion on the matter, for better or worse.
  10. To yoavke Thanks for the effort! All of these are expensive at NIS 200 for what you brought in the message above. I thought maybe you can get that price.
  11. Thanks for the help, but it seems I will need another favor from you ... I bought the product, but called today to tell me it is not in stock ... Do you have another similar bargain? Thanks!!
  12. Now I saw that there was someone who also mentioned a webcam. Apparently they haven't seen her in Zap yet ...
  13. Thanks indeed does seem that despite the minuses - no camera, no fingerprint, no operating system, by and large it seems to be more advanced.
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