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  1. It's free? And anyway, what's the cheapest way to get a legal basic office, if I'm not a student?
  2. I noticed something interesting: Office comes as part of Windows 10. The problem is that on my home computer, for one reason or another, I still work with Windows 7. I want to install Office, but am not in a hurry to pay. Is it possible to somehow install Office for free on Windows 7 (with a license)? Could it be that Microsoft decided to provide this as part of the "package" only since Windows 10? From a Google search I came out a little confused. I would be happy for clarification on the subject.

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    The headphones are like new, literally. They are used for a total of one hour at most. Completely clean and in good condition. Familiar because the noise cancellation capability does not meet my specific expectations and needs. Dark blue color (almost black). I kept all the accessories, brochures and boxes. Two years official importer warranty. Original price 1200, sold at 900.

    900 ₪

  4. This ad has ended

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    The computer is a year and a half old. Most parts are under warranty. Excluding Windows. Full specifications: Amd Ryzen 7 3700x Asus TUF Gaming B450 Plus 16GB Gskill DDR4 SSD Adata 256GB Pny GTX 1660 Super Antec Modular 550W Package Be quiet Burner Price 3600, without video card 2450

    3,600 ₪

  5. This is the problem is that they are not the same size, and then I will actually have 4,4,8 ha. Anyway: Do I have anything to lose? I mean, can I damage the system if I try to push a new one of 8 first, together with the existing 4 * 2?
  6. Hey, so you say I can just buy an 8GB stick and combine with the two existing sticks? What about which dual channel? I don't really remember what it is anymore, but I think it only works in a paired configuration. Does this have any real meaning in terms of performance? The dilemma here at the moment is actually whether to spend 170 shekels on one stick, or 340 shekels on two. For example, I see some skepticism here: Of course I can buy one and see if it works, but I'm scared to cause damage to the computer.
  7. I have an i5 computer 7 years ago, with a GA-B75M-D3H board. I currently have 8GB memory (two 4GB sticks, GSKILL 1333 speed if I'm not mistaken). I want to double the memory, but since each memory compatibility issue is unclear to me, I want to consult you exactly what to buy so that there is no problem. First of all, is it possible in principle to put an odd number of memories, ie add an 8GB stick to the two existing 4GB sticks, or do you need to buy 16GB memory and just replace? Also, what about model compatibility? I found this list: There is a limited amount of models - is it engraved in the rock? Do I really have to put only one of the models out there? For example, I see Kingston's KVR1333D3N9 is supported, but only in 1-4 Gb models, while in Ivori (for example) it is available in 8 Gb version: .php? id = 10263 Thanks for any help.
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