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    The headphones are like new, literally. They are used for a total of one hour at most. Completely clean and in good condition. Familiar because the noise cancellation capability does not meet my specific expectations and needs. Dark blue color (almost black). I kept all the accessories, brochures and boxes. Two years official importer warranty. Original price 1200, sold at 900.

    900 ₪

  2. This ad has ended

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    The computer is a year and a half old. Most parts are under warranty. Excluding Windows. Full specifications: Amd Ryzen 7 3700x Asus TUF Gaming B450 Plus 16GB Gskill DDR4 SSD Adata 256GB Pny GTX 1660 Super Antec Modular 550W Package Be quiet Burner Price 3600, without video card 2450

    3,600 ₪

  3. This is the problem is that they are not the same size, and then I will actually have 4,4,8 ha. Anyway: Do I have anything to lose? I mean, can I damage the system if I try to push a new one of 8 first, together with the existing 4 * 2?
  4. Hey, so you say I can just buy an 8GB stick and combine with the two existing sticks? What about which dual channel? I don't really remember what it is anymore, but I think it only works in a paired configuration. Does this have any real meaning in terms of performance? The dilemma here at the moment is actually whether to spend 170 shekels on one stick, or 340 shekels on two. For example, I see some skepticism here: Of course I can buy one and see if it works, but I'm scared to cause damage to the computer.
  5. I have an i5 computer 7 years ago, with a GA-B75M-D3H board. I currently have 8GB memory (two 4GB sticks, GSKILL 1333 speed if I'm not mistaken). I want to double the memory, but since each memory compatibility issue is unclear to me, I want to consult you exactly what to buy so that there is no problem. First of all, is it possible in principle to put an odd number of memories, ie add an 8GB stick to the two existing 4GB sticks, or do you need to buy 16GB memory and just replace? Also, what about model compatibility? I found this list: There is a limited amount of models - is it engraved in the rock? Do I really have to put only one of the models out there? For example, I see Kingston's KVR1333D3N9 is supported, but only in 1-4 Gb models, while in Ivori (for example) it is available in 8 Gb version: .php? id = 10263 Thanks for any help.
  6. Yes, I have SSD. Anyway, I bet, and ordered a Ryzen 7. based computer to see what it would be like.
  7. Do you know if the standard configuration that comes with react-create-app uses the compilation in parallel?
  8. thank you for the answer. What do you mean by "sometimes there are anomalies associated with reduced processing power"?
  9. I want to buy a new computer, when the most important thing is to improve the performance of Webpack's affiliates. I was unable to find any significant information on the subject. It seems that Ryzen 7 is far better than Intel's competitors for the same price when it comes to multithreading, but who knows what when it comes to single thread. Since I'm not familiar with webpack configurations, I don't know what's relevant about. Have an idea?
  10. For those of you who are interested, in the end I just searched for Google windows update latest build, and updated the latest version through the Microsoft website .......
  11. I know this is not the best fit for this forum, but I have seen that the off topic forum is a bit sparse ... I have been trying to post an ad in the trade zone for a few days and each time receive the following error: I emailed the site - no reply. I fill all fields correctly, including the "I'm not a robot". From searching forums, I saw that someone had come across it before, and no one answered. Anyone have any idea?
  12. I recently bought a new computer from Ivori, with Windows 10 Home OEM. Image version is 10240. When I try to check for updates, I regularly get such an error: I tried to dig and dig, and the "solutions" offered are all complicated. I realized that this error is common with my child. It's not clear to me how Microsoft might not fix it, it's just sublime to me. Anyone come across this, and know what to do? If not, what is the correct "address" in front of her here, Ivory or Microsoft themselves? (I have a feeling they will both wave at me). Thanks in advance.
  13. Unlike the world of laptops, on laptops we usually assemble a system of all kinds of components according to our needs. I remember that in the distant past (the 90 years) it was actually quite acceptable to buy a "particular company" computer. Don't know what the reason behind it was then, but my question is whether today it has any real advantage? I deliberately do not want to name one brand or another, but rather to examine it in general. I see that even branded computers can be customized, like the addition of extra RAM. So what is the difference between such a computer and a "complex computer" - except the chassis with the logo? Would love to explain :-)
  14. I'm buying a new computer soon, and what's important to me in the case, because of past experience - is the quality of the construction. I don't need 5 fans and all kinds of funny lamps. My current computer, bought 7 years ago, has an artic cooling t11 silentium case, and its build quality is worse than the "generic" cases I remember from a year ago. The screws were destroyed after some spending and revenues from the Hardisks. Well, I have no need for a flashy chassis, and see no point in paying 20 for some gaming chassis, just hoping the build is quality. Can a simple and high-quality case nowadays be available, up to NIS 700? (Less desirable ..) Also note that I buy the computer in Ivori, so it is highly desirable that the chosen case be listed here: .html I see that they have a generic case, but I'm skeptical of its quality: Thanks in advance.
  15. Or, that's exactly what I thought, and also what a friend told me. It sounds a bit extreme to me, though, that a NIS 330 video card doesn't deal with some miserable html page in stackoverflow or something like that. I'm not even talking about animated pages or God knows what. You may have an idea anyway, what it might be ? I was looking for another electrical connection to the card, but it seems to be just about the power coming from the board :-) Do you think reinstalling Windows might solve this? Some sort of conflict with old AMD drivers?
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