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  1. So on further examination, it does work. Wired communication without any problem. It is important that the network be at 192.168.2 if there is a plan to manage the link. DHCP should be disabled. If you also want a "foot" wifi, you have to configure and activate wifi but 1) the old SMT700 tablet does not get IP at all and can not be inserted manually 2) The windows and phones LE MAX2 and S10E get IP according to the MAC as I configured the DHCP of my router Or a first address is available if I did not kinfag according to MAC my conclusion that the DHCP protocol is probably somewhat compromised when going through the link's wifi
  2. Hello, I burned Bezeq's 6740u g2, a Bezeq firmware but refuses to work as a switch. Bezeq may have blocked the option. Micho idea? Or how to turn a flash router back into an authentic link? Replacing eeprom? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello, I found in the trash 6740U and burned Bezeq BZ_DSL-6740U_G2_R2v2.68.bin (thanks a lot to HelpSupport from here). For convenience I changed the IP from 10.0.0 to 192.168.2 which fits my network. For some reason can not use the box as a switch: I tried to connect the computer to a wired network through the box and nada Did anyone do it successfully? Thanks in advance
  4. 192.168.2 was indeed accepted. In my opinion the reason he refuses to 192.168.1 is that this is the default address of Di Link (according to their user Manuel).
  5. Thanks! I did not try 192.168.2 I will try and if it works I will move the network. If I do not throw it in the recycling bin
  6. Thank you very much, indeed agreed and claimed. For Hardware G2 there were two files with Sophix 2.66 and 2.68. I loaded 2.68 I want to use it as a simple 4 port + wireless switch but unfortunately it refuses to get a compatible IP to my network (192.168.1) and if I leave it with Bezeq type IP then it does not function as a switch. I expected that his specific address would not have an effect on his work as a switch, since this is an address only for management, so what does that have to do with branding? Yes I disabled his DHCP and manually configured the PC again thanks again
  7. Hello, I would love a firmware that works for Bezeq's d-link 6740u router. When connecting to it, writes update software. Di Link Israel says they do not have Bezeq firmware. And their non-Bezeq firmware is denied by the router. Thank you
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