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  1. Is it possible to upload links to models? Trying again 1. 2. 3. .. 3765..214..580..371..685..5532. & Txt_search =
  2. Hello I need a laptop for internet, zoom, office and the like, no games. Budget up to 2000, deviation of 200. Size 14 and up. No operating system required. It is possible to buy from Eilat. I saw the following models, what do you think? 1. Asus Intel i3-1005G1 1.2GHz - 3.4GHz / 8G / 256 SSD - Price 1700 2. Asus P2540FA i3-10110U / 8G / 256 SSD - Price 1795 3. Asus AMD A6-9225 2.6GHz - 3.1GHz / 8G / 512 SSD - Price 1572 on the face of it, the third looks best in terms of cost / benefit, and even with better memory than the rest. Something unusual that I did not notice? Why is the price of the third so low? Is there a significant difference between AMD (third) and i310110U (second) - (comparison between them all). All the models I thought of at a lower price than the budget, simply because I saw no significant justification for more expensive laptops. Also, it turns out that everyone is ASUS - no special reason. If there are any other recommendations, I would of course love to hear. Thank you
  3. Hi I would love a recommendation for an office computer, with at least 32 RAM. Budget: up to 2000. Emphasis: It will be possible to upgrade to 64 RAM, and it will be possible to add a video card that is suitable for deep learning in due course. No peripherals needed. No need for a quiet computer. No operating system required. No standard connections / ports required. A case of relatively small dimensions is preferable, but not Carty. There is a need for an SSD, there is a need for specifications from the centers in the center, beyond that, there are no special emphases, other than giving good value for money. Thank you
  4. I admit I do not know. Update, may help someone in the future: The memory has arrived, at the moment everything seems to be fine. It does not have a company name mark or anything like that on it. You can compare the new data to the old one at the beginning of the post. Thank you very much for your help
  5. Thank you very much for the detailed response @ napoleon45 from looking at my CPU Z, I seem to be missing some details (which you at least seem to have) physically in my RAM, I do see that SKhynix is ​​listed (as with you, by chance or not), but beyond that not listed more details. 1. Is there any point in buying without me knowing all the details? What is the risk (if any)? 2. Thinking of buying this or that - both 1600MHz, 8GB - opinions? Something better? In the first I do not see that is suitable for intel, there is something to fear? Thank you
  6. After looking at the different prices on the internet, I see that the price of a DDR3 8GB memory stick is in the region of $ 25, an amount I am willing to invest, even if it will not serve me in the long run. I would be happy to recommend such a stick that will work with the one I have on my computer. Prefers to buy from AliExpress (or any other site), just because the prices that on the face of it are cheaper than in Israel. In the same breath - is this acceptable? Things I should pay attention to, specifically when buying computer hardware from the Internet? Thank you
  7. Hello I would like to upgrade the RAM on my computer. I currently have 8, want to upgrade to 16 or 32. The main use is for data science - the memory is currently my main bottleneck, I may in the future upgrade the whole computer. Technical specifications of the current computer (from CPU-Z): intel core i3 processor 4150 gigabyte technology motherboard H81M-2DV DDR3 8GB current memory, not sure about the speed (how can you check?) Several questions you have, maybe something amateurish: 1. There is Recommendations for RAM, seeing that I might upgrade my computer in the future? 2. Is buying from AliExpress an option? Or another site recommended? 3. Can I use the existing 8GB of RAM I have, and just buy one more 8GB stick? And another 16GB stick, for a total of 24GB, is such a thing possible? 4. I see here, that my motherboard supports up to 16GB - is it per stick, or in total? (There are two slots) I would love your help thank you very much
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