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  1. The problem is in the overall TDP at the moment with 12900 and not with Thermal density, but if you look at the 12700 and 12600, thermally they are just fine, did not push the frequency to the clouds.
    From what you've heard about the next processor, you should understand that there is no change in the amount of large cores, only in small ones.


  2. Quote of Guarding angel

    Lior First of all, thank you for another interesting and accurate coverage.
    Now, as for what will cool down better - until they have created normal adapters for the lga1700 unfortunately there is not much Cooling Air that can fit the task.
    Luckily for us, Noctua CM and BQ have already released adapters.

    I do not believe in water cooling, from the noise of the pump and air trapped in the radiator to the delusional price that air cooling at a third to a half price can easily accomplish.


    As an amateur Air I agree with you, until you get to Arctic AIO cooling. It is excellent, it is quiet and it is relatively cheap compared to other water coolers on the market.

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  3. It seems to me that on the recurring messages about power consumption and heat it's just inertia and that's fine, it takes time for an opinion to change. Intel has messed up beauty in recent years due to lack of competition and complacency. If you look at sample games, the power consumption is equal to or lower than that of .
    If you look at power consumption under maximum load for all cores (which 95% of us here do not) then the 12900K consumes more than AMD by a considerable margin if compared to 5950 and all this casts a shadow on the cooling issue - if you run Synbench all day then you should appropriate. If you play then there is really no reason to take Special or the 12900 in general. The 12600 is excellent for these purposes and more powerful than the 5600 and 5800.

    As for innovation - there is no manufacturer in the world that has created a processor In big.LITTLE configuration. This is no less a revolution and we have to wait and see how the software market will take shape as a result of this change.

  4. It is not enough that AMD released a lukewarm processor late, the IVYBRIDGE around the corner already. It's so irrelevant ...

    It is true that there are things in which BD is good, but as it is said, the difference is in a few percentage points, compared to a difference of up to tens of percent in favor of other tests.

    What future optimizations are you talking about? Phenom still does not compete with Intel, after enough time for 'optimizations', so it's still with the digs.

    The only two times that AMD gave Fite to Intel were ATHLON, Thunderbird and A64. I really hope they will be able to bring out a product that will turn the tables again, but for that Probably should be negligent, as in the Prescott case.

  5. I do not understand this defense on In the above case.

    They took out Right now Product X inferior From a Y product in the market for a while, it is true that this moment is rising less (And not a little), that's it.

    To start talking about an untapped architecture - a flower. We have been in this movie with the Radeon HD3xxx and with each processor since the A64 excellent.

    Even if there are improvements in the core and optimizations (as shown in the working mode of the CPU 8 vs. 7), the enhancement will not be 100% nor 50%. The next Y product of the competitor is not far from release and this further clouded the matter as we as consumers will only suffer from a state of lack of competition in the market.

    That's my opinion.

  6. Anyone else bump into a lot of small blasts in the game? Also on Low on 1680X1050 I have many such small blasts, especially in Caspian Border.

    Does it happen to everyone or is it just my old fashioned computer already?


    Radeon HD4850

    2GB Ram

    The map is large and requires a lot of memory - what you don't have. The "blasts" you experience are PAGING to disk.

    Pamper, indulge yourself in memory

    For NIS 120 for 2 Gigas you don't have to suffer ...

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